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Khabib Nurmagomedov should be stripped of the title

“Strip him!”

UFC 229 is now in the record books. What was painted as “the biggest fight in history” ended in what some are calling “a shit show”.

I will be mainly focusing on the main event of 229 — and the aftermath — but will also be touching on some of the other fights on the main card as well.

Arguably the best fight of the night came from the co-main event between Anthony Pettis and the long-awaited return of Tony Ferguson.  Some said that Ferguson came back too soon after his nasty knee injury. But he proved the doubters wrong and showed his will to win.

This one — a complete bloody mess — even splattering some blood onto one of the announcers shirt. Pretty crazy stuff.

But nonetheless, Tony Ferguson won by knockout in the 2nd round. It was a blood bath. Very cool and exciting to watch. Great fight! You can tell they were having fun out there.

Can’t wait to see a rematch since the fight was stopped due to Pettis’ broken hand.

The slowest fight of the night was yet again Derrick Lewis but this time he was up against Alexander Volkow. This started out extremely boring — as if Derrick is still having troubles with his back. He looked odd to me. But then he found an opening and took it. Knocked him clean out.

And for the last fight I’ll review before the main event is Michelle Waterson vs. Felice Herrig.

I was very impressed with Michelle Waterson. She threw some beautiful karate style kicks preventing Herrig to land those hard jabs. Waterson clearly had a game plan and she stuck to it and executed it. She’s a force to be reckon with.

Now for the main event…

The fight started out quick — Conor going for the quick knockout as he does so often. The first few takedown attempts by Khabib were stuffed by Conor. That surprised some people, including Joe Rogan on commentary: “oh, ok, he’s back up, wow”. The second round was a mixture of standing and grappling, Khabib won both of those rounds.  Then the fourth round hit and it seemed as though Conor got his second wind. He came out hard and started throwing stiff kicks to the body to open Kabib up to the left hand. Throwing jabs here and there. Really trying to catch Khabib with his notorious left hand. But for some reason, it seemed as though Conor wasn’t loading up his punches enough. Throwing mainly little jabs to open Khabib up. Even catching Khabib in some good stiff ones, but the problem was Conor didn’t seem to follow up on them. Throughout that round I was thinking for sure we would see an infamous Conor knockout. But it never came. For whatever reason.

In the fourth round Khabib got Conor on his back and choked him out in a rear naked choke (similar to the one that Nate used against Conor).

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Khabib beats McGregor and then this madness kicks off ?? https://t.co/gJnDtJ4rWo

The aftermath:

After the fight ended Khabib threw his mouthpiece aggressively towards Conor’s corner. That triggered Conor’s good friend Dillon Danis (Bellator fighter).

Khabib then jumped the cage and went after Dillon Danis in a crowd of people. Both fighters threw wild punches towards each other while fans and spectators watched.

But that’s not all, someone on Khabib’s team came back into the cage and sucker punched McGregor right in the back of the head. Dana White says that Conor will not be filing charges.

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All hell breaks loose at #UFC229 https://t.co/F4G2r00jdl

To my final point: Khabib Nurmagomedov should be stripped of the title

Why? He disrespected not only that pay per view event, but also the sport as a whole. The UFC fought long and hard to make it was it is today. Not some backyard style brawling like it use to be with the hair pulling, nut punching ETC. Not only that, but Khabib is a UFC champion. When you have that belt you’re held to a much higher standard than the rest. He put people in danger and disrespected the championship belt. Therefore he should be stripped of the Lightweight Belt and I believe he will be.

Dana White at the post-fight press conference said that “I can’t say 100%” in regards to Khabib keeping his belt or being stripped.

What do you think???

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Khabib should be stripped of the title.