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Kathy Griffin’s Twitter meltdown – says “F*ck You” to Senators voting Yes on Kavanaugh

Calls Senator Jeff Flake a “feckless cunt”

Liberal nut-job and so-called comedian Kathy Griffin took to Twitter to express her hatred for the Senators who vowed to vote “yes” on Judge Kavanaugh in today’s final vote.

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@kathygriffin @ChuckGrassley @OrrinHatch @JohnCornyn @ThomTillis @SenMikeLee @BenSasse @tedcruz @MikeCrapo @SenJohnKennedy @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC And this ladies and gentlemen is the BIG difference between the right (us) and the left (them).

This comes hours after the mandatory 30-hour Senate debate came to a close where a number of “undecided” Senators pledged their support for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee – Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

It came down to only a few Senators who were “undecided” before yesterday: Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) & Susan Collins (R-Maine). All of them announced yesterday they’ll be a “yes” vote.

But those Senator were not the only targets of Griffin’s attack. She targeted the Republican leaders who are also voting yes on Kavanaugh as well as Jeff Flake — the Senator who literally forced the delay in the vote to have the FBI investigate the allegations — calling him a “Feckless Cunt”.

Kathy Griffin on Twitter

C) Feckless Cunt 2.0

Keep in mind, all of these Senators supporting Kavanaugh clearly stated in their statements yesterday that they are voting yes simply because there is no evidence to back up the sexual assault allegations lobbed at the judge.

I guess Kathy Griffin doesn’t like the constitutional right to the presumption of innocence.