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Crowd chants “we want Kavanaugh!” during President Trump rally [video]

During President Trump’s massive campaign style rally in Mississippi last night, he broke his silence on the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing that happened last week. Up to this point, the President has been pretty silent on the matter and hasn’t really commented on Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. But as the FBI’s investigation is wrapping up he bashed Ford’s inconsistencies and what the media is calling “mocked” her.

In the middle of the President calling out Ford, the crowd broke into a roaring “WE WANT KAVANAUGH!” chant.

The rally was to support Republicans in Mississippi and urge the people to vote in the important coming election. The arena was completely sold out with thousands of people standing outside since they could not get in.

Of course, the Democrats and the left-wing media is accusing the President of “mocking a sexual assault victim”. But if you listen to what Trump said he quite literally factually repeated Ford’s own testimony. She couldn’t remember where or when this event supposedly happened, or how she got there or even how she got home. Since when is repeating facts “mocking”?

Rally highlights

President Trump’s speech

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