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#ThemToo? Why are Democrats ignoring abuse allegations in their own party?

Karen Monahan being ignored

The Democrats sure seem to care a lot of abuse allegations and the #MeToo movement when the accusation is against the Republicans. But when abuse accusations hit their own party, they ignore or simply deny the reports. We saw this with the number of women who spoke out against former President Bill Clinton’s sexual assault.

Then candidate Donald Trump was one of the first to use their huge platform to call out Bill and fire back at Hillary Clinton when she brought up the now infamous Access Hollywood tape at the second presidential debate.

Also holding a press conference with the women that were affected by the Clinton family. One of those woman were Juanita Broderick. Juanita accused then candidate for governor Bill Clinton of rape in 1978. Those allegations were never proven, but Juanita says that Hillary acted as Bill’s pitbull -I’m paraphrasing- and scared her into keeping quite. Hillary has called the women who accused her husband “bimbos” and calling the sexual harassment allegations a “right-wing conspiracy”.

She was too scared to come out against the lovable Governor Clinton. However, there are witness accounts from a friend of Juanita that does back up her story. She found Juanita shortly after the rape and saw her distraught and bleeding from her lip.

It’s also important to note that Juanita’s story has never changed over the many years.

Then there’s Paula Jones. A state worker who says she was also sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton, but in 1991. This is the case that Bill had to settle and cut an 850,000$ check to Jones to make it go away. Why would Bill settle the case if he was innocent?

Now for the more recent abuse allegations. Karen Monahan is an ex-girlfriend Keith Ellison. a U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district since 2007 and titular Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

She says that Ellison physically and verbally abused her. She has released a number of supporting evidence including medical records backing up her story from 2017, pictures showing they were in fact in a relationship, text messages and even says she has a three minute video showing Ellison dragging her off the bed and almost out of the house. Her son posted a statement on Facebook recently saying that he has seen the video.

Karen says she will not release the video as she should not have to release video evidence and that it would damage the work she’s done to get past it.

Karen Monahan on Twitter

When I post this, it gets deleted every time

There is far more evidence against Keith Ellison than there is against judge Kavanaugh. But members of the Democratic party are not talking about this allegation at all. Or even trying to be there for Karen or even try to get to the bottom of it.

Does the #MeToo movement include #ThemToo? Or just conservatives and Republicans?