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RealNSE recommends Ted Cruz for Texas Senate

I fully endorse Cruz for re-election.

The lone start state of Texas has been a solid red state for quite some time. Senator Ted Cruz has been a solid conservative voter in the Senate since he got there. Voting for lower taxes, voting no on anti-second amendment legislation and beyond.

After the first senate debate between Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Beto O’Rourke ended last night. One thing was obvious, it was a lopsided debate. On one side you have a political veteran in Ted Cruz, a well spoken and respectful man. Who looked very comfortable behind the podium. And that tells me he knows what the voters want. He’s confident that the Texas people will show up on election day as their values line up with his.

Beto O’Rourke on the other hand, looked very unnerved and rehearsed. When it comes to politicians nowadays – the “Trump-era as they call it, it’s so important to listen to what they say. A number of the Democratic candidates – whether it’s for the Senate, Governor or even Mayor, they pretty much all have one thing in common, and that is they’re all anti-Trump.

During last nights debate, O’Rourke was no different. He spent a huge number of his time bashing the President. He even said at one point “we need someone who will stand up to [Trump]”. Really? That’s your message? To resist the duly elected president? The job of a Senator is not to invoke your own political views or to serve your personal vendetta, but to represent your state, hear them, be their voice and do whats best for Americans. O’Rourke clearly is a bitter Democrat who, if elected, will do everything he can to FIGHT AGAINST the President.

One of the questions that were asked by the moderators was pertaining to how Ted Cruz and Donald Trump went after each other – mainly Trump, in the primaries. Asking Cruz if he “lost his dignity”. What kind of question is that? It has nothing to do with policy or Cruz’s voting history in the Senate. But as usual, Cruz hit it out of the park. Responding by saying he put the rhetoric aside to put the country first.

This midterm election is extremely important. If the Democrats take the House and Senate, they will not only block ALL of President Trump’s America-first agenda, but also push for impeachment. They want to quite literally tell you that if you voted for Trump, your vote doesn’t count and undo it. If the Democrats disagree with Trump’s agenda, that’s fine. But it’s when they spread lies, call everyone who disagrees with them racist or a bigot, blindly go against the president simply because it’s Donald Trump, that’s when it becomes a big problem. Many of these democratic candidates, again, are running on a “resist” message and vow to “stop Trump” without even talking about actual policy, or the actual issues facing their state or district.

Senator Cruz doesn’t blindly vote on bills even if it’s something the President pushes. He votes for legislation based on the people and their interests, not his own. We’ve seen that throughout his political career. Unfortunately, I cannot actually vote for Senator Cruz as I am not a Texan. But I 100% support the re-election of Ted Cruz for the Texas senate.