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Read the MASSIVE amounts of POSITIVE testimonies from Kratom users that the FDA is ignoring

Why is the FDA ignoring these?

FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb is constantly tweeting negative and quite frankly misleading articles about Kratom to help push his narrative that Kratom is a big bad dangerous “DRUG”. This is all in effort to ban it. Hundreds of Kratom advocates tweet at Gottlieb the positive stories and testimonies. But those are blatantly ignored. Why do you think that is? Why do you think he is tweeting articles saying that Kratom is dangerous when in many of those same articles, the overdose victims have multiple drugs in their system. In one case the person had heroin, cocaine and benzo’s in their system. That isn’t to say people don’t have negative side effects – if you’ve been affected negatively by Kratom, or other prescribed medication, then you should contact a Dangerous drugs attorney in order to seek legal consultation, as you may be entitled to compensation depending on your unique circumstances.

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@SGottliebFDA Benzos, heroin and cocaine in the system. #Kratom did NOT kill this person. Did you not read that? #iamkratom #keepkratomlegal

The purpose of this article will be to show POSITIVE testimonies from people who take Kratom everyday. Commissioner Gottlieb wants you to believe that the bad outweighs the good. But as you’ll see, mainly from the amazing community on the /Kratom subreddit as well as some from Twitter, and email, Kratom is helping many Americans with a variety of things.

Tweet this article directly to @SGottliebFDA and ask why he is ignoring these positive stories?

Please keep in mind these are REAL testimonies from REAL Kratom users. They have not been edited or changed in anyway. These are in their own words. Also the testimonies taken from Facebook posts will be posted as screenshots due to some screen compatibility issues (click the image to view the source)

Want to add your story? Tweet it to me or email it over (Nico@RealNSE.com). I’ll be adding stories to this article regularly.

Milondex’s comment from discussion “Anyone else like me?”

r/kratom: Welcome to the place for discussion of kratom. Feel free to share helpful hints, tips, and news about kratom.

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r/kratom: Welcome to the place for discussion of kratom. Feel free to share helpful hints, tips, and news about kratom.

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r/kratom: Welcome to the place for discussion of kratom. Feel free to share helpful hints, tips, and news about kratom.

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Mom here as well. I’ve used kratom for 3.5 years as a substitute for pain meds to manage chronic pelvic pain. I really didn’t want to go down…

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r/kratom: Welcome to the place for discussion of kratom. Feel free to share helpful hints, tips, and news about kratom.

Monnie L.V. on Twitter

@NicoRealNSE Ok. Here’s how you put 15 years worth of chronic pain into a tweet. #Kratomsavedme Chronic sciatica-degenerative arthritis of the sacroiliac joint. These two things have changed my life. Before #kratom I was on 7 different meds. I cannot fathom going back to pills. #kratom

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r/kratom: Welcome to the place for discussion of kratom. Feel free to share helpful hints, tips, and news about kratom.

Josh #IAMKRATOM on Twitter

From ages 8-26 I was prescribed numerous different psychiatric medications. The pills only made my illnesses worse! Since finding kratom 16 months ago I feel better than I have my entire life! I am no longer suffering thanks to kratom! #KEEPKRATOMLEGAL #IAMKRATOM

JoeTurner4k on Twitter

@SGottliebFDA Sooo, take harmful drugs to get off of harmful drugs!? I used kratom for pain and unintentionally lost all desire for alcohol or any other substances. Haven’t been this happy, healthy or sober since I was a teen. #KratomSavesLives #IAmKratom

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r/kratom: Welcome to the place for discussion of kratom. Feel free to share helpful hints, tips, and news about kratom.

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@NicoRealNSE https://t.co/Hres9HyW4K

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r/kratom: Welcome to the place for discussion of kratom. Feel free to share helpful hints, tips, and news about kratom.

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r/kratom: Welcome to the place for discussion of kratom. Feel free to share helpful hints, tips, and news about kratom.

Bella T on Twitter

@Surgeon_General My son is recovering from 10 years active addiction. Kratom helped him get clean and stay clean after other treatments failed. Because of kratom, he is alive to celebrate his bday today, & his new life. #KratomSavesLives #KeepKratomLegal #FollowtheScience

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r/kratom: Welcome to the place for discussion of kratom. Feel free to share helpful hints, tips, and news about kratom.

Matt Sullivan on Twitter

Kratom has been a life saver for me. I struggle with depression and used to abuse alcohol. I wake up ready to take on the day because of #kratomsaveslives #kratomwarrior

r/kratom – Kratom has help pretty much all of my mental health symptoms

So a little backstory I’m autistic and I have very severe anxiety and depression.


Email testimonies

I had been clean from heroin 18 years. The pains of age, prior auto accident caught up to me otc no longer helped. I feared opiates because in the past they had always left me w/desire for heroin so I looked for a natural way. Found Kratom researched it decided to try
Now I have 21 yrs clean. It’s something that helps w/many things besides pain.

I used to constantly think of suicide, day 1 of Kratom I had no thoughts….amazed me as they had been daily, after almost 3 yes I still don’t think of suicide any longer. I used to eat processed garbage, after adding Kratom to my diet those foods no longer tasted good,now my diet is healthy. I’m 49 yrs old, am able to continue caring for my 100% disabled vet partner and 110% energy dog. – Edy Jones (via email)

In 2009, After 18 years working as a healthcare professional, I was placed on permanent disability. I had been through seven years of testing, multiple medications, and five surgeries, including a spinal fusion. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Degenerative disc disease, Insomnia, and Depression. I had always been an active mom of three, who loved her job and volunteering as a PTA president, a girl scout leader and cheer coach. My physical abilities had dwendled to near non- existent. It was a very low point in my life.

By 2012, the thirteen medications I was taking , had taken their toll on me. I had gained over #70 , was bedridden and severely depressed. My life consisted of watching the clock, counting my pills, and going to doctor appointments. I was merely existing, not living.

In 2013, a visit to a holistic doctor, changed the direction of my life drastically. I was put on a strict diet and began to see some improvement with my overall health. I began to seek alternative methods of treatment for my chronic pain and fatigue.

Kratom was mentioned in one of my Support groups and I began my research. I read testimony after testimony and was amazed how people were gaining aspects of their lives back with the help of Kratom. I went through a full year of weaning myself off all 13 Medications, including 6 opiates. On July , 2014, I began taking Kratom.

I was immediately astounded at the mood lift and over all sense of well-being it gave me. I felt like I had much more control over my own health. If I had a good day, I didn’t make my tea and had no side affects. If I had an especially bad day, I knew it was safe to use a few more teaspoons if needed. The best part of Kratom for me, was feeling clear minded for the first time in a decade. It felt as though I was truly experiencing life again.

I just celebrated my 4 year anniversary, using Kratom alone. I’m able to ride my bike, travel, garden, and volunteer and I look forward to my future. Kratom does not take all my pain away, but it keeps it at a tolerable level. It is a valuable tool in my natural supplement, toolbox. My doctors have been astounded at my progress as well as my family. The best part? I’m able to be a happy, active grandmother . We must keep this natural alternative available for chronic pain patients.
Thank you. – Sheri Locascio (via email) (@Raven6500)

Hi I’m Robert and I’m 32 and i use kratom for harm reduction and i used to be a very bad alcoholic and drug addict and i was at the end of rope. The last 4 year’s of my addiction to legal alcohol i started having health complications due to alcohol withdrawl like seizures and deleriumtremens. U was in the hospital constantly like 1 2 times. a month And been to treatment multiple times with no success even when the desire was there. And then i found out about kratom. So after i got out of the hospital 2 years ago i started just talking kratom instead of drinking and pills like a harm reduction type of thought in my head. And let me tell you it worked for me. I know have s great job, i have my own place ( i was homeless previously) and most importantly i have a strong relationship with my young daughter. Life for me is the opposite of what it used to be. I never thought that i could live this. Miracle to say the least. – Robert (via email)

I am a 64 yr old grandma. I’ve suffered two horribly failed back surgeries and have fibromyalgia. I’ve been in pain management since 1996 and taking opiates and wearing a Fentanyl patch for just as long. I’ve also experienced cold turkey withdrawals from OxyContin before discovering Kratom. It was hell!
I discovered Kratom in 2015. Three kind ladies took the time to educate me when everyone else cussed me and stopped short of wishing me death because I googled Kratom and got the info from FDA.

Within the first five months I discovered Kratom helped my fibromyalgia when nothing else had. I’ve tried nearly every antidepressant, pain medication and muscle relaxer on the market. Most did nothing, I had horrible allergic reactions to many, breaking out in hives and finding myself in the emergency room hooked up to an IV to stop the reaction.

By Christmas of 2016 I had replaced hydrocodone for breakthrough pain with Kratom. In May of 2017 my pain Dr informed me I had a strike against me because I went to Florida from my home in NC to check on my aging mother in law who has developed dementia. He has a three strikes and you are out rule! I had one strike against me already because I misplaced my prescription for Fentanyl and had to ask for another. The next day I found the prescription in a book I’d been carrying. I took the script to my Dr and he still gave me a strike!

My Dr told me I was not allowed to leave town without notifying him first. I’ve seen this PM for over 8 yrs. I’ve never failed random drug tests or pill counts. There is no reason for a PM to restrict travel. In fact, it made me so angry, I decided to do research, stock up on Kratom, CBD, beneficial herbs and OTC medication so I could get off opiates and out from under this Drs unreasonable demands. On July 31, 2017 I took off my 100 mcg Fentanyl patch and have not looked back. It was a birthday present to myself, to my family. My birthday was July 30th. Every male in my family all the way back to my grandfather served this country to guarantee we have the freedom to choose as long as we are not harming anyone. I believe this was an overreach by my PM and was not going to tolerate it.
I have been clean for over a yr.
Some days I drink two cups of Kratom. Other days when the pain is unbearable I’ll drink 4 cups in 24 hours.My life has changed for the better. I do not live in a fog, I’m not afraid to drive for fear I’ll get in a wreck and be accused of being under the influence. My temper is no where near as short as it was on opiates. I am a caregiver for my 100% service connected disabled husband and my 84 yr old widowed mother.

My husband has suffered brain bleed strokes and his memory is affected. My mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma just three weeks after I took off the Fentanyl patch. Thanks to Kratom, I was able to be at the hospital 13 hours a day for five days. I could not do this with opiates. I drive my husband 64 miles one way in rush hour traffic to the Durham VA for his many appointments and I have been driving my mother to cancer treatments every two weeks and to numerous other Dr appointments throughout the months.

My ability to drive in rush hour traffic was greatly diminished while on opiates. I would leave hours ahead of time just to avoid traffic. With Kratom, I am alert and confident. I feel nothing except a sense of well-being and my pain is greatly diminished.

I told my primary care Dr I am consuming Kratom to help my pain and well-being. I also gave him details about the four weeks it took to get clean consuming Kratom without any withdrawals except fatigue.

My Dr is supportive and on Dec 7, 2017 he did a complete blood panel. All my numbers were ok. He had me return on June 8, 2018 for a six month check up and bloodwork.
My cholesterol dropped 42 points, my blood sugar dropped from 104 to 85, perfect range. All my numbers are in good to excellent ranges.

I return in December for my next follow up and blood work.
The only thing I changed in my life was getting off opiates and beginning Kratom. I have not changed my diet, exercise or activity level. The only change was substituting Kratom for opiates.
I couldn’t be happier! Yes, I have bad days. These are the days I will drink my tea every 5-7 hours. Other days I can sleep all night, wake, drink my coffee, do my Bible studies and 2-3 hours after being up, I’ll drink my tea. Some days I can go 12-15 hours between my cups of tea. Addicts cannot do this. I couldn’t be an hour late with my pain pills or I’d start feeling bad.
I am not concerned about the mild addiction potential with Kratom. I will always have to take pain meds or drink tea. I choose Kratom and this should be my God given right!
I resent the government interfering and telling me Kratom is dangerous! Tylenol kills more people in one yr than the FDA is falsely accusing Kratom of killing since 2009.

I have been drinking Kratom 3 yrs and feel amazing! Yes, I still have pain, but as long as I don’t overdo things, Kratom is enough for me.

My body, my choice! – Mrs. Eadie Rowell (via email)

We have found a tea leaf that is native to SE Asia for thousands of years with not one death. It hits the same opiate receptors as coffee and spinach. In fact, its in the rubiaceae family – same as Folgers. The upside is that unlike traditional Rx opiates, this tea leaf doesn’t cause respiratory depression, and the science from Doctors that are leaders in their field can prove it. The problem is, The DEA and FDA wont take a meeting with all of the advocates, the doctors behind the science or any of our military that depend on this tea.

I suffered soft tissue neck injury a yr after I got sober. Go figure I get sober and get run off the DC beltway by a drunk driver. I didn’t have ins so I paid cash for a chiropractor. A couple yrs later my health took a turn and I was under Dr care for chronic pain. I fought to not have to go to pain mngt because I have heard too many stories of people on Rx opiates and relapsing. I fought so hard to get sober and didn’t want to risk going back to the dark pits of hell stuck in a bottle.

Fast forward about 7 yrs ago I lives in Cliff Wood Beach, NJ working for Bayshore Hospital fitness center and my health got even worse. I finally broke down since I had ins. and saw a pain mngt Dr. I was prescribed Fenyntal 100 mmg patches, 120 mg Oxycontin, 40 mg endocet, Lyrica, Prozac, Valium, Predisone, 4 soma DAILY. I also had spine injections twice a month. I had injections one week, follow up the next week, that was my life for 3 yrs. I estimated the number of injections and was around 88 sine injections in the past 20 yrs.

When I moved from NJ to KY due to my health I had to find a new PM Dr who’d take over my healthcare. I was told KY Dr’s would not prescribe Oxycontin or Soma so I took myself off them. I had plenty of extra pills because I never took the prescribed dose and I had the Rx from my Dr before I left for KY. I did a super slow taper and is why I feel I never became addicted or sought pills off the street. I came off 120 Oxycontin a day using my slow method and I had little to no WD and I didn’t crave more nor did I seek more out. In fact I had some for months after I completed my taper.

I feel this is a huge reason many seek more drugs on the black market after being prescribed due to surgery or trauma. They are not being properly tapered causing them to have WD so they look for more to keep from feeling dope sick.

I want to change that. It would really help cut down on people switching to more dangerous drugs if they had a much slower taper.

I attended Addiction Policy forum a few months ago I connected to General McCaffrey and shared my story of recovery and chronic pain. He invited me and it was emotional. Meeting families of people who died from OD. Personally I have been feeling drained and like there’s no end to the opiate epidemic but God shares his medicines in the form of plants and it’s our responsibility to protect them. I also had the honor of meeting NIDA Director Dr. Nora Volkow.

Fast forward again, about 4 yrs ago I was on 13 Rx I am a 3 time suicide survivor. Chronic pain IS life threatening. Once I was in ICU 3 days in a coma after taking 150 amatriptaline and carisoprodol. They took me to a facility I was then on suicide watch debating Dr. Kevorkian with the resident Psychiatrist for another 10 days.

It was after my last suicide attempt I was back home and already planning the next attempt. I just wanted a little break from the 24/7 pain. A lady in a fibro support group heard from another member I tried ending my suffering and said there’s a tea leaf she found that helps her deal with the chronic pain. Between you and me, I thought she was crazy, there’s no plant that can help pain as well as opiates and if there was it’d probably make you so impaired it wasn’t helping the pain it would probably just make you not care about pain. I researched it a month I didn’t want to take something that’d affect my sobriety. I am way too vain and proud to give up my yrs of sobriety, if I was going to take anything to the grave it was going to be my yrs of sobriety.

I found a store that sold raw herb kratom and purchased some. Took it home and stared at the bag thinking this was my last ditch effort. It was a packet of hope but if it didn’t help I was going to go through with my plan to end it. I mixed it in some yogurt, it was the most awful tasking stuff I have ever had! Within 20 min my pain went from a level 7 to a 2. I have mastered the art of biofeedback and thought it was a placebo effect. 6 hrs later pain returned and I fixed a small bowl and again within 20 min my pain went to a tolerable level. I have been advocating for it ever since.

After joining a few kratom groups to learn more I met a group within the community who took it to detox. This was my area of expertise. I lived in Balt./DC over 20 yrs, heroin has been big there before the 80’s and I have a lot of experience helping people detox from it. The number of people showed up at meetings asking help ran about 3 a week. Detoxing cold turkey I had maybe 2% success. Since incorporating kratom into my toolbox of recovery my success rate is 80%.

Reason raw herb kratom needs to remain legal for adults seeking recovery is there are not enough beds to house people there’s not enough Dr’s to take on every person seeking recovery. Recent study shows between 40/50 people addicted get help. We need to change that, and kratom can help.

Talking to people in recovery I can tell you reasons people do not go to rehab. The stigma, loss of job, no child or pet care, no money, no ins., can’t function at work on methadone, so many reasons. We can’t afford to lose access to kratom.

The 6 billion Pres. Trump designated to SUD is going to disappear fast, instead of banning kratom why not address the drugs that actually are killing American’s? I could list the substances I have detoxed friends off. They’re openly sold on the internet. What about turning attention to a cure? Dr. McCurdy has researched kratom 15 yrs and feels extracted kratom could be used in a medical setting.

Aug. 15th I celebrated 21 yrs sober I have a quality of life today and I will fight tooth and nail to keep safe access for responsible adults. If this is a free country then Pres. Trump will protect kratom and not allow his FDA choice to put Pharma’s interest ahead of the welfare of the American people.

I have never seen someone advocate for heroin at the capitol, the FDA or DEA. If they refuse to meet with us even ignoring meeting requests from congress on my behalf I will show up on their doorsteps. – I didn’t fight 21 yrs to stay sober to have a man speak on the safety of fenyntal to tell me kratom tea is dangerous! That is offence to say the least.

Thank you for your time,

Kelly Devine, CMT

Kratom United

My name is Jerry and I’m a kratom user. I had a broken back and 2 failed back surgeries. The doctors kept me so doped up on pain killers it cost me a 17 year marriage. I learned of kratom in 2015 and have used it since. If I was still on drugs I would’ve never got custody of my oldest daughter, who is now an adult. If I’d have had kratom while I was married I’d still be married. Thank you have a great day. – Jerry (via email)

Hi! My name is Sarah Tait and I worked as a RN for 30 years. I am now on disability for severe chronic pain. I was on fentanyl patches 50mcg/hr and Vicodin 10/325 for over 12 years through a pain Clinic. It got so bad they were no longer working for me and I refused to increase my dosage. I looked everywhere for an alternative. I read all I could about Kratom and loved that it is all natural. It took me about four Months to get dosage and learn the best type For me but I am now narcotic free. I feel so great knowing I’ve stopped killing my body with those dangerous drugs. I’m feeling better than I have in years thanks to Kratom. I can honestly say I Would have nowhere left to turn if the FDA makes Kratom illegal. Thank you for anything you can do to keep Kratom Legal! – Sarah Tait (via email)

My Chronic Pain Story started at the end of 2000. I was working as a Home Health RN, and my car was hit broadside by another vehicle. I started having a lot of pain, but the pain didn’t subside. I did receive pain medication and I took it at night when I wasn’t working.
In February of 2001, I continued with pain partially relieved but I started having eye pain. My PCP sent me to a Neurologist for them to assess me for MS. I had extensive testing and my test results were atypical but she eventually diagnosed me with a mild case of MS. But decided not to start the infusion of medicine for MS. The next month I found out that I was pregnant, at 36 years old. My pain did well during my pregnancy but after delivery at 37 years old, it came back with a vengeance.
My pain became severe. But I continued to work and in 2002, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by the same Neurologist. Then started all of the medicine. I soon found myself on more medicine than I had taken in all my life. The depression and anxiety followed after the pain increased.
In September 2006, I was no longer able to work. I was Home Health RN with a company closer to home. I started losing everything. I lost my house, my car, and even my husband. Me and my 2 sons moved in with my Mom. When I left my job, I also lost my insurance and my doctor. But she helped with the paperwork trying to help me win my disability case. In an attempt to kill my pain, I turned to street drugs. I finally got an appointment to see my old PCP, and he ordered pain pills and Xanax. For the 3 1/2 years that it took for me to win my disability case my Mom supported me and my kids. I continued to take hydrocodone and Xanax. I became very dependent on them. In February 2017, I was getting tired of only getting partial relief from my medicine, and was in a Fibromyalgia support group and several of the ladies had started taking Kratom. After much contemplation, I spoke with one of the ladies that I was very close to. I eventually started taking Kratom. The first time I took it I was in the kitchen with my Mom. She asked me how I was feeling. I looked at her and started crying, and I told her “My Pain is gone. Completely gone for the first time in years.” I could not believe that my pain is gone and it’s all because of taking Kratom. I very rarely, ever have to take a pain pill anymore. My blood pressure is much more under control than it had been since having emergency brain surgery in May of 2015, and my diabetes is in much better control with the help of my medicine, Kratom and diet. I am healthier, and have a better sense of wellbeing. I still have pain daily, but it is much more manageable since I started taking Kratom.
Thank you,
Medea Latham (via email)

I am a forty year old mother of four and grandmother to two beautiful boys. I have suffered with severe pain for 3/4 of my life. I came across information on a plant called Kratom and decided to dig up as much information as I could find about it. When you live with severe chronic pain the way I do, you are willing to try anything and everything to help you feel as close to “normal” as possible! For many years I have felt like nothing more than a pincushion with a delusional hope of being even half the person I used to be. With appointment after appointment. Scan after scan. Surgery after surgery (including a spinal neurostimulator that is supposed to help reduce my pain and doesn’t). Injection after injection. Pill after pill. So many, I have become quite a pharmacist without a degree! Not that I’ve ever asked to be one or even had a liking for pills of any kind! I’ve never been the type to enjoy taking anything at all. I remember a time I would struggle with a headache just to avoid taking an asprin. Little did I know… taking pills would be my life. The unpleasant side effects of Pharmaceuticals are something you can only understand if you’ve been subjected to them as your only option to relief for an extended period of time.. all of which are horrible! Little did I know that a plant from Indonesia (#Kratom) could and would drastically improve my quality of life and help me believe in hope again. I have been drinking Kratom tea daily for 4 years now and my body hasn’t felt this good in a very very long time! Back when taking my regular meds, if you were to ask me what my pain level is my answer was any where from a seven to plus ten! However, here I am drinking a all natural (plant with no additives) Kratom tea and my pain level has been NO more than a four to a six….which to me is almost INVISIBLE! I went from taking a list of medications daily to NONE! I’ve battled hard for that and I would like to have the right to stay RX FREE!!! UNBELIEVABLE to think that I have finally gotten the life I worked so hard for back and I simply cant believe that with all the nasty substances there are out there our government feels it necessary to ban Kratom!! IT DOESN’T EVEN GIVE YOU A HIGH!! ENOUGH, ENOUGH with the for profit LIES! I feel unspeakable anger because our society allows people like me to suffer while making big Pharma richer and richer! With no real pain relief for patients who are commiting suicide! Anger because I finally found something Natural that ACTUALLY helps and the FDA/DEA wants to take it away from us!! Something so harmless in comparison to all the pharmaceuticals ever prescribed to me. The same pharmacuticals that have destroyed my stomach, intestines, gallbladder and liver to name a few. I have gone to extents that NO person should have to….just to find one single ounce of relief so that I can just be a mom, woman…who can wash her own dishes, make dinner and care for her family. My journey has been unbelievably dark and full of more suffering than any one person should ever be forced to endure! Pain takes over my entire mind, body and soul regardless of how hard I fight! It changes you quickly and makes you feel lost and worthless because you aren’t the same person anymore. Many, many times I have contemplated my existence and lost any and all hope for a functional future. Suicide has danced through my mind way too often over the years. I honestly never thought I could feel “ok” again until Kratom gave me my life back!
I am begging the FDA/DEA to leave Kratom alone! Us chronic pain patients have had things shoved down our throats for years…let us drink our tea in peace. Please do not ban this harmless plant. The facts are there…the evidence that (pure) kratom is safe and works is there. Don’t we suffer enough already? Opiates/pills are horrible and they are the problem, not kratom!! Please focus your attention on the things that are killing people not the things actually helping to FIX the problem Big Pharma has created. #IAMKRATOM #KeepKratomLegal #KratomSavesLives #PlantsNotPoison

Thank you for affording us the oppurtunity to share a small piece of our lives with you. Hopefully the world will listen.


Shá Hernandez (via email)

Im a recovering opiate addict, as well as a sufferer of Crohn’s Disease and PTSD. For years I’ve struggled with issues that have kept me chasing the relief and release of pain meds and eventually, heroin, and the effects they’ve had on my life. From relationships with family, friends, co workers, to the chiselling away of any moral compass, addiction and illness have perpetually ruled and ruined my life… Or some empty broken replica resembling one. All medications for treatment and management, have failed or worsened all aforementioned conditions, at times, to the point of suicidal thoughts. But as miserable as things can be sometimes, leaving early is simply not an option for me, as I love and cherish my family, friends, children and gift of life immensely. But, when you spend every minute in constant pursuit of relief, release, and management of symtpoms… What kind of life is that? If the disease doesn’t kill me , the poisons they give me to treat them will. Chronic pain, diahrea, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, weakness, fear of the next time you have to eat and all that follows, hoping to sleep through the night….yea, it’s not really any kind of “life” at all… And with Crohns, there’s no way to plan around it and no end in sight, as it can be triggered at anytime by anything, and theres no cure. We’re beyond toughing it out and suffering silently. I had no desire, hope, or realistic possibility of a future.

Enter Kratom. Recommended and supplied by a dear friend, I researched what I could, and figured why not. Let’s make a long story short (too late)… A year now… Without desire or need to use opiates. Tests show mild symptoms of Crohn’s with only scarring as evidence of it’s place in my gut. The main complications are swelling and joint pain, fatigue, and then some more pain…. All over…. Inabilty to move at times. But a dose of Kratom in the morning, and then “top offs” throughout the day and, and pain subsides, relaxed with energy and as well as a much more pleasant state of mind. So, to summarize, in roughly a year of taking Kratom, I have shed the chains of addiction, found a way to manage all my symptoms, daily, to the point that I can be the best father, brother, friend, uncle, husband and all around human, that I’ve ever been capable. Granted, there’s still issues and somedays are better than others… But I don’t need addictive, harmful medications or illegal drugs to get by, and I don’t spend every moment suffering or managing. And it’s all thanks to nature. This is my story. I’m alive, and grateful, and want to make damn sure the lies being spread by the FDA are outweighed by the truths and our positive expierences help others who can get their lives back as well, and inspire those who would threaten to take kratom away, to instead, study unbiasedly, and regulate for quality only. To take away the right to freely use this natural wonder, would be a crime of exponential injustice. – Kevin Straight (via email)

i have been a chronic pain patient for 15 years..also took 48 week course pf peg interferon and ribavirin treatment..during treatment i was referred to a pyschiatrist and started 15 years of pysche meds..all my meds were prescribed by the hospital here..the drs are not at fault like so many try to claim..i took 2 mri’s..i have degenerative disc disease, 4 bulging discs, stenosis on 2 levels of spine and significant spinal deterioration..i was in pain..i took the norco’s 12 years, morphine a year, oxycontin and ended on pain management on methadone..when my dr died i decided to stop the methadone..i felt no pain but my throat had swelled making swallowing difficult…i was afraid to go to sleep..so washed my last 50 methadone down the sink…one month later i stopped the adderall i have been on alot of my life..i was mentally disabled and a pyschiatrist suggested gabapentin, trazadone and zyprexa for withdrawal symptoms i was having….i was so sick i could not function..looking at side effects from the psyche meds i realized they were making things worse…so i threw them in the trash too…i went to my gp and told him i was so fatigued thought i had cancer..he tested me for everything..diabetes, hep c, hep b, aids, syphillis, anemia, cancer..found nothing..i would get up in the morning and struggle to my easy chair where i sat most of the day..i would stare at the floor in real fear…am i gonna feel like this the rest of my life?? i would get up and feed my dogs and rustle something to eat..it was terrible..i looked at what the mayo clinic is calling post interferon syndrome..i think i have some of that and was in withdrawal from the opiates at same time..and then threw the withdrawals from the pysche meds on top of that..i have a strong spiritual life and felt suicide was wrong but i felt i wanted to die..i had made it to 58..i prayed to go home..i had my son come and stay to help me..i had to move and buy a new house..i couldn’t do nothing.. he said something about kratom..i had heard of it but not much..i was desperate..i always research every substance i take even prescribed..so i researched and decided to give a try..first 2 times i tried it i threw up..capsules didnt seem to do anything..but i didn’t give up..i got an assortment of strains and looked at them sitting on table for a few weeks..then one evening my spine felt like my bones were rubbing together..real pain and in desperation i took 5 grams of some red kali and one gram of white maung da..i have been taking daily for 11 months now..i was able to sell my property and buy a lot here on the lake and move in new home and clear lot and change my living situation..i could never have done it without kratom..it has replaced the pain meds and the pysche meds..it has lowered my blood pressure..for me its been a miracle and a lifesaver..its not pleasant taking it..i mostly make a brewed strained tea these days..tastes somewhat better or not as bad..kratom is working similar to the methadone and adderall i was on..stimulating and pain relieveing so i can function and work and live..i wasnt a dope head loser..i was a marginally successful artist and photographer ..ran my own website and photography site..kratom has allowed me to live pain free and addressed the fatigue which caused the depression and anxiety..i have stopped several times and had no withdrawal and now i have been able to cut down on amount i was taking with no ill effects..the pain has eased and my pain levels are much lower than they used to be..for so many years had so many issues with sleeping..now i can go to bed and sleep till morn..it is so nice..i still have fatigue..i believe i do have some most interferon issues..and aging..but i can get up not hurting, make some tea and take care of myself and my dogs and smile again..im even considering dating again..i was in so much pain and misery for so long i didn’t even want to submit anyone else to my life..have been alone now along time..the pysche meds were a whole nother nightmare..hospitalized twice with akathesia..the drs cannot fix my back..surgery is not an option and fails most of the time, my back is a state of deterioration and cannot be stopped..the pyschiatrists whom i trusted for years like to put me in the ground..anti depressants, anti pyschotics, mood stabilizers, anti seizure meds..say i have bi polar and paranoid personality disorder and mania..i tried alot of illicit substances to for relief and a sense of happiness..poly substance drug abuser …i struggled to live my life and the law be damned..i have been substance free for 11 months now and no pysche meds for 11 months and i am living, laughing, loving..kratom usage has changed my life..its been a gift from Mother Earth and Father Sky.. – Bart Eason (via email)

Hi! I have rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia with many back and neck issues (spinal stenosis and fractures healed Erin) I’ve been in bed for over a year. And suffering for 16 years. I am Amazed at how good I’m doing!! With all the meds I have used and tried I never ever felt this good in over 18 years!! Since August I have been up!!! Happy, singing playing my electric piano, and spending time with my son and husband where as i stayed in bed before. I cried daily. Even a shower would knock me back down for days. I got out of bed to take my son to school and pick him up and hat was pretty much what my life consisted of. I spend my days now Cleaning, cooking, cleaning out closets, doing laundry, repainting the pantry and I even make plans now to go places!! I am so blessed to have found this and I tell everyone!! You don’t have to suffer any longer!! It is worth a try especially if you’re suffering as I was!! You can message me anytime!!! My start: You always start slow and low I started with 2 grams because I had nothing to lose! Please note not Everyone is the same dose strains or color. Even vendors vary!! You have to find what works for you. I was lucky my first purchase is wonderful and I reorder it and always try something else just to see the difference.
I take: super green Indo for daytime. 2-3 grams. Every 3 hours or so. White gold 0.5 to 1 gram in morning. Once in afternoon. I take Bali (red) 2-3 grams at night. But I still don’t fall asleep without a PM or Benadryl
I have energy now. The pain is so much less I can handle it and think.
Reds- pain, relax
Greens- pain, energy, calm
White- energy
Yellows- calms
This is all the majority say. Some people tend to be opposites like people with ADHD. – Joys (via email)