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Khabib clearly looked rattled at the McGregor v Nurmagomedov press conference

“You shit on the bus!”

The biggest fight in UFC history is upon us. So you know what that means. We got a press conference!

When the fight was still just being talked about. Many were asking “will Conor be able to get into Kabib’s head?” If there’s one thing that Conor is exceptionally good at, its trash talking. And not just the regular trash talking. But a whole new level of trash talking we’ve really never seen before. Especially not in the UFC. It’s the type of trash talking that gets into a man’s head and makes him emotional. We saw these tactics in the Jose Aldo and Chad Mendez fights. Both are strong fighters who should have been able to beat Conor. But throughout the media tour and press conferences, Conor got into their heads and made them frustrated, mad and their vision blurred. Instead of going in with a game plan, they both let their emotions get the better of them. Losing the fight before they even stepped into the octagon.

Before the fight was officially announced many MMA fans and commentators said that Kabib will not fall for Conor’s mind games. I was starting to believe that too. Until I watched the full press conference that occurred today.

I watched the full press conference on the UFC YouTube channel – which had almost 500,000 people watching it live. Joy came over me to see the Notorious One Conor McGregor back in the UFC talking that high-grade smack.

Conor immediately started going in on Kabib right from the start. Interrupting Kabib while he was trying to answer questions. Even cutting him off to promote his new “Proper #12 Whiskey” (I believe I got the name right). Kabib started out stone-faced and only giving a few word answers. But it was very obvious that Kabib has never experienced that type of blatant disrespect, and amount of vile trash talk as he was clearly rattled and uncomfortable. He tried to hold it in by putting the mic down, but shortly after he picked the mic back up and just held it.

One thing that was a little weird to me was that Conor had two UFC belts in front of him. Everyone needs to recognize that Conor McGregor was the first man in UFC history to have double championship belts, to be a champion in two different weight classes. And ultimately, I think they do. But he is no longer the champion. The belts were stripped when he chose to go into boxing. Why does he have two belts up there? Conor did say “I had to bring my own belts!”. For me, I don’t think that should’ve been allowed by the UFC and it also kind of makes Conor look weak and makes it seem like he’s living in the past. Instead of “I’ll just win more” I don’t FOOKEN care (Conor voice). At the end of the staredown, Dana White even said: “get Conor’s belts”.

The bus incident seems to be a sore spot for Kabib. Throughout the press conference, the infamous bus attack was brought up many times. Near the beginning of the conference, Conor said to Kabib “you said send you a location, I’m right here!” The funny thing is, Kabib did say that. And furthermore, why would Kabib say “send me a location” when Conor literally already tried showing up and was right in front of you? Kabib chose to stay on the bus behind security.

And that was one of the main talking points for Conor throughout the conference. He would mock Khabib saying things like “you took a shit on the bus” or “you stayed on the bus to take a shit” and “you shit yourself on the bus”. Again, it was obvious Kabib was stung by that. Because it’s true. Why would he send you a location when he’s been right in front of you?

The body language of Kabib showed that he was very tense, angry and rattled. For most of the conference, Kabib was moving his chair back and worth, leaning back and then forward, repositioning, flexing his jaw muscle, tucking his lower lip in, stroking and pulling his beard.

I think Conor has officially rented out some space in Kabib Nurmagomedov‘s psyche.