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If the Democrats take back the majority, say goodbye to tax cuts and hello to higher illegals

Bring on the #RedWave!

We are constantly hearing about how important this midterm election is. Some say it’s just as important as the 2016 presidential election. I’d have to agree. We see how hard it is for President Trump to push through his America first agenda even with a majority Republican House and Senate. Just imagine what would happen if the Democrats took that majority back.

What’s at risk:

Undoing the tax cuts

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has already voiced her distain for the major tax cuts that were passed late last year. Calling them “crumbs”. A huge number of Americans have benefited from the tax cuts by receiving bonuses, raises and of course larger pay checks since the tax rates lowered. Pelosi has said she will not only “revisit” the recent tax cut vote but also most likely reverse them.

Higher illegal immigration (open borders)

One of the focal points of a majority of the Democrat campaigns is to “abolishing ICE”. ICE is pretty much the illegal immigration police. They’re responsible for arresting people who have crossed the border illegally. They also stop illegal crossings and stop drugs from pouring into our streets. So, let’s be very clear. The Democrats will abolish ICE. The men and woman who protect our streets and enforce our immigration laws are some of the bravest people in this country. They’re one of the most important assets we have in protecting our sovereignty. Not only do the Dems want to close down the whole agency but some members of the Democratic Party such as Zephyr Teachout – woman running for the New York Attorney General seat, wants to prosecute every agent of ICE. For what? They’re doing their jobs!

If Zephyr Teachout gets into office the crime will skyrocket, illegal immigration population will rise and the New York economy will decrease.

Zephyr will spend 90% of her time in office fighting against our President. Making the people of New York unsafe. She seems to want to be an activist as opposed to actual doing the job of Attorney General. Zephyr does NOT have what it takes to become New York’s Attorney General.

Anti-second amendment legislation

The Democrats love to attack our second amendment rights anytime there’s a shooting. Instead of looking at the many other factors and causes such as a lack of law enforcement or mind altering pharmaceuticals. It would be very difficult for the Dems to “repeal” the 2nd amendment, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try. Or even introduce bills that limit law-abiding Americans from taking advantage of their right to bear arms. Nancy Pelosi recently tweeted that Congress “must stop stalling and act” on “gun violence”.

Nancy Pelosi on Twitter

My thoughts are with everyone impacted by the shooting today at the Jacksonville Landing – but thoughts are not enough. As we continue to track developments, it’s clear Congress must stop stalling & act to protect Americans from the daily tragedy of gun violence. #NeverAgain

Socialism in America

The Democrats have slowly become the party of socialism. We’ve seen the rise of socialist candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A self proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” who is running for New York Congress. Socialism has basically never worked anywhere, nor will it work in America. Cortez has said she wants free healthcare, free education and higher taxes on the rich. But when she’s been asked how she purposes to pay for that free stuff, she has absolutely no answer. She also struggles to even provide a definition of what exactly a Democratic Socialist is.

This is someone representing the Democratic Party who knows nothing about economics or even how our government fundamentally works.

Unfair citizenship

Democrats will not only pass the DREAM act but also grant immunity for millions of people who came into our country illegally. Rewarding the people who have no respect for our laws and ignoring the millions of people trying to come to our country legally and the right way. What kind of message does that send?

Nothing will get done

If the Democrats take over the House and Senate, it will be bad. Our country will literally be at a standstill. They will spend endless time trying to impeach the President although there is no evidence of wrong doing.

Absolutely every piece of legislation President Trump or the Republicans introduce will be blocked and not even considered.

The Dems will no longer confirm any of President Trump’s Judges or special appointees. Which means some court systems will be at a holt. Even President Trump’s executive order power will be restrained.

If the President is impeached, it will be extremely damaging to our country. You’ll have Americans like myself who will feel that their voice has been taken away and no longer matters. Donald Trump was elected fairly and the Democrats want to undo our vote. Again, there has been no laws that the President has broken. Even the “Russian collusion” story has fallen apart. No evidence has been found or presented showing that Trump worked with the Russian government. Despite that you have Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters actively campaigning around the country pushing for impeachment. If our duly elected president is impeached, that will make our country look VERY weak.

Maxine Waters is a prime example of how our Congress would look if the Democrats take back control. She has presented only three bills since she’s been in office (2013). She’s done more work trying to impeach the president – again despite any evidence of wrong doing, than she’s done in congress since being elected.

We need to elect candidates who will fairly look at each issue and legislation on a bipartisan basis.