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“I was sexually assaulted” | My moms reply to the Kavanaugh hearings

“People are innocent until PROVEN guilty!”

So my mom saw my video and articles covering the whole Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford debacle and wanted to weigh in and tell her story. 

So here is my mother’s Op-ED.

I’m LisaJo, Nico’s mother. So, several years ago I was attacked in my own home by a person I had been doing business with for years. Basically, the police said it was a simple assault even though he put his hand on my breast (over my shirt) and kissed me so hard my mouth hurt for days. I was able to fight enough to get out of his grip. My daughter woke up to catch the end of the struggle.

A “sexual assault” charge doesn’t come unless there’s penetration! I had to pursue it for MONTHS with cops, detectives, and 3 separate ADA’s! I pushed it all the way to trial. The State of Florida lost on a technical issue. I decided before I even called the police that knowing he had to hear the charges read in open court and knowing he had to pay for a trial attorney would be good enough for me. I’m sure I wasn’t the first but hopefully I was the last.

My point is, I have been violated and I know how it feels. I would much rather lose in court (for any reason) than see an innocent man found guilty.

I have 2 sons. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have one of them FALSELY accused of something like that. People are innocent until found guilty. Judge Brett Kavanaugh, has that right! Let’s move on with the good things he can accomplish. The government is wasting tremendous time and ridiculous amounts of money for something that allegedly happened 30 plus years ago that can’t even be proven or disproven! It’s situations like this that are hurting real victims of sexual assault like myself.