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Brett Kavanaugh is innocent | I can prove it

Another DISGUSTING move by the Dems

Every week, maybe even everyday the Democrats do something that is so unprecedented and just downright disgusting. This past week has been no different, sadly. Judge Brett Kavanaugh – President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court Justice, answered what seemed to be a million questions during his 4 day hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He even answered over 1,200 additional written questions after the live hearings from various Senators. But that, of course, was not enough for the Democrats.

Remember, these are the same people who literally made multiple protest signs for each of the final judges before the President even made his decision. So no matter which judge Trump chose, they’d be ready to pull out their #SayNoToNAMEHERE signs out.

The Democrats couldn’t find anything in Kavanaugh’s past or his opinions & rulings to justify a “nay” vote. But because it’s a nomination by President Trump, HE MUST BE STOPPED! So the Dems do what the Dems do best. And that’s play dirty. In comes Dianne Feinstein – Senator from California. She released a letter from what was an anonymous woman that allegedly knew Brett Kavanaugh back in HIGH SCHOOL! The claim was – as you could guess, sexual assault. If you need help defending yourself against a false claim, contact attorneys Brown, Bradshaw and Moffat.

Now, the woman has come out publicly and is going to testify in front of the Senate next Monday. It comes with no surprise that the accuser is a DNC donor, registered Democrat and attended the recent Woman’s March. The Kavanaugh hearing has been postponed due to this allegation. Instead of having a vote to confirm Kavanaugh on Thursday, it will be postponed until further notice.

Dianne Feinstein had the letter back in July! Why did she wait so long to bring this to light? It’s obvious. To delay the hearing. That alone makes me believe the whole thing is bogus. In addition to that, the woman can’t remember where it happened or even what year it happened. I mean come on folks.

I know Brett Kavanaugh is innocent. How? Because, in this country, you’re INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. Kavanaugh has not been proven guilty. Therefore he is innocent and the hearing should proceed and not be held up due to allegations.