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Red Borneo Kratom review | Gaia Botanical

Normally, reds don’t work too well for me. But I read some reviews on the Kratom subreddit and found that Red Borneo is one of the best red strains. So I decided to buy an ounce from Gaia Botanicals. Very unique taste and smell than other Kratom.

I took 6 grams around 10:30 AM while at work. I mixed it with orange juice as I normally do in a shaker cup and chugged it. I hadn’t eaten anything for the day, so my stomach was empty.


Took about 15 minutes to start feeling the affects and lasted about 2 hours.

  • Euphoric: 7
  • Pain relief: 7
  • Mood boost: 5
  • Energetic: 4

Final verdict: I was pretty impressed with this strain. It’s been a while since a red strain worked well. This is pretty sedating, would be a perfect strain to take before bed. I wouldn’t recommend this strain for daytime or at work. Somewhat of a short life. But overall, it’s a good slow stain. My rating: 7/10