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Breaking! Jesse Lee Peterson declares August “Men’s History Month”

Jesse Lee is back at it again. Breaking down barriers. Last month JLP make headlines when he announced that July was “White History” month. It was met with skepticism from members on the left – which was expected. But there was some skepticism on the right as well. Some people on the right, and a majorly of white people thought it was just too much in fear of being called a “white supremacist”. But that’s exactly why Jesse started White History month. To tell white people that it’s ok to be proud, and ok to be white.

Jesse Lee Peterson on Twitter

August is officially MEN’S HISTORY MONTH. A time to recognize, appreciate & thank the good & strong men who are the light of the world. The planet would be a dark place without good men (past & present). #MensHistoryMonth

It is the same with “Men’s History Month”. There is a war on men. Especially straight white men.

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Jesse Lee Peterson on Twitter

ANNOUNCEMENT: August is officially Men’s History Month! https://t.co/JaU72sg0NC Tune-in: https://t.co/e0NfshKbAH | call-in: 888-77-JESSE, LIVE 6-9am PT / 9-noon ET