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Joe Rogan fires back at Alex Jones HARD!

“I love the guy, but”

Joe Rogan and Alex Jones seem to have a love hate relationship lately. Rogan seems to be always taking tongue in cheek shots at Alex but then following it up by a compliment. Recently Alex Jones took a shot back at Rogan calling him out on the disrespect.

The “beef” seems to have calmed down as of late. It even seemed as though Joe wasn’t even going to respond to Alex. At one point on the JRE podcast last week with guest host Ari Shaffir asked Joe “did you see what he said about you?”

Joe Rogan responded “Alex Jones? Is that who you’re talking about?” But it wasn’t. He was actually going to come talking about Colby Covington. At that point I figured Joe wouldn’t be responding to Alex.

But hear we are! The Fourth of July! And Joe Rogan is live on his podcast show with his good buddy Joey Diaz.

Joey started the conversation topic saying “if Alex Jones is correct, we’re going to have a civil war today. Did you talk to Alex? You gotta calm him down.”

Rogan took over and looked right in the camera and said: “Alex, you gotta calm down. Alex thinks I’m defending the new world order because I didn’t think that George Soros was a Nazi.

He continued: “Alex Jones, I love you buddy, for real. But you say some silly shit. That’s one of those things that’s a waste of time.”

Joey then tried to steer the conversation in a different direction by changing the topic. But Joe quickly cut in saying “look Alex Jones is gonna hear this. I just – I gotta finish.” He continued by saying again “I love the guy. I just don’t support a lot of the things he says. Like the Sandy Hook stuff.” You can see the full clip down below….

So is this thing over? I feel as though Alex Jones will be releasing another rant on Joe and how he is a “shill”…