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4 questions the immigration protesters need to answer

These misinformed protesters are very sad.

Yesterday we saw protests in many cities and states around the country. Why were they protesting? It was to stand up to the “evil” immigration policies of the “big bad” President Trump. But the only problem is, they’re protesting a false narrative. These policies and laws have been in place for years. Even under President Obama. Remember those pictures that the mainstream media released a few weeks ago? The ones that showed children in cages? Well, those were actually under the Obama administration. But for some reason the media portrayed those as being a result of President Trump’s policies. Isn’t that strange? The mainstream media, lying to us to paint our President in a bad light? Oh, but there’s more. Remember that clip of the Honduran girl crying for her mother? The clip that was literally used on a cover of Time magazine? Well, it turns out that she was never “ripped away” from her mother. Her father came out and told the truth as well as slamming her mother for dangerously taking her across the border.

Amanda House on Twitter

So about that picture… “Denis said his wife and daughter were never separated by border control agents and remain together.” https://t.co/0kV4Tngr5j

Why weren’t they protesting under Obama? You think it might be because they’re buying into the lies? Many of these protesters are misinformed. And it’s very sad. People are letting their hatred of President Trump cloud their judgement and see the truth. We see time and time again people confronting protesters on camera asking simple questions and the protesters can’t answer them. Below is some key questions that any protester at these immigration “marches” need to answer.


Question: Will you volunteer to take in a family and support them financially?

Liberal Answer: The response is always – “can I take them in?” – “well, I, uh, of course can’t afford to do that.”

So how do you expect our country to do that? The amount of money, time and energy is takes to vet an immigrant – even from Mexico, is immense. Not to mention that WE the people have to front the bill not only for the time it takes to vet them, but also to feed them, house and fund them.


Question: What’s the purpose of separating the children? How long are the children separated from their families?

Liberal answer: well, I don’t know. But they shouldn’t be separating them at all!

The children who come across the border is separated for his/her safety. Many times these coyotes use children to get across the border. Meaning, the children with the person their crossing the border with, might not even be their real parents. Instead of leaving the children in with the possible “parents”. You verify the relation of the kid. To make sure that really is their kid. Once it is verified. They are either sent back to Mexico together or work on a possible path to citizenship. But on average, it’s 24-48 hours they’re separated.

The White House on Twitter

80% of minors cared for by HHS arrived in the US alone, unaccompanied, without a parent. They were not separated by the government. #ChangeTheLaws

Question: Why not protest the parents who irresponsibly bring their children over the border.

Hundreds and hundreds of people die every year while trying to make their journey across the Mexico-US border. And those are the ones where remains are found. How many are not found? A parent risking their child’s life to break the law, is irresponsible. And those are the people who we should be angry at. Not America for enforcing our laws.


Question: Why don’t they just come the right way?

It may be complicated to get citizenship in America. But it’s much better to do it the right way. If it’s something you want, you should be willing to do what ever it takes to become a LEGAL citizen in the greatest country in the world! Why would we show respect for people who don’t respect us and break our laws? The argument (or lack there of) the left uses is that “it’s too hard or expensive to become a citizen”. Do you know how hard it is to cross the border illegally? People who hire these coyotes pay anywhere from 6,000-10,000$. So let’s not act like they have no money or aren’t willing to work towards getting to America.

I think it’s extremely disingenuous to be protesting something you don’t know the full story about.