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Who was a better president of The Sons of Anarchy? Clay or Jax

Who ran the Sons better!?

I recently rewatched the Sons of Anarchy from beginning to end. And I must say. Jax was a terrible president of the club! He is more of a fan favorite simply because he is more of a relatable guy to the audience. But Clay, he ruled the club much more effectively than Jackson.

Clay may have been quick to jump the gun at times. But he ran the club just fine. Now we don’t know how long exactly since they never mention it on the show. But I would imagine he’s been president for at least 10 years. Not to mention he’s part of the “First 9”. Meaning he was one of the founding members of the Sons. So it’s safe to say, he’s seen it all. Clay had great relationships such as The IRA. The IRA is the biggest and most powerful alliance the Sons have. Not to mention much of the Sons earnings comes from selling guns that the NRA supplied. Now fast forward to when Jax took over. The Kings never much cared for Jax. And we see that for most of the second half of the season when Clay is out of the picture.

Dislikes: calling a hit on Opie but killing his wife instead.

Jax clearly wasn’t ready to make calls for the club. He made a number of huge mistakes throughout the series. Often, Jax put others before him too much. It’s about the club. For the good of he club. Not mention Tara’s annoying-never happy ass. So much of Tara’s actions caused the club harm. If Clay’s old lady (and wasn’t Gemma) was acting the way Tara acted, she wouldn’t be around anymore. Jax also followed too much into John Teller’s words. That manuscript was from like 10 years ago. Times have changed. Stop looking into past and just look forward for the club. And Jax killed a member! A president no less!