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Russia investigation seems it will never end

Will it ever end?

For the past two years they’ve been feeding us the narrative that Russia interfered in our 2016 presidential election. And that President Trump worked with the Russian government (Vladimir Putin directly).

So two years and over 16 million dollars later, we have absolutely zero evidence to support these claims. All we have is the same talking points, but still nothing pertaining to evidence.

As I mentioned earlier Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt has cost the tax payers over 16 million dollars. It’s said that this year would be 10 millions in funds to continue this crapshoot.

So what has been found with all this time and money spent?

Although these been 22 indictments handed down by Mueller and his team, zero evidence has been found that supports the narrative. Most of the indictments are individuals pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. Including Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort. Somehow, this means not only are they “Russia agents” but thus making Trump one as well.

When is this going to end? President Trump does have the power to ultimately end the investigation and fire Robert Mueller and has even hinted that he is pondering that option. But I don’t think that is going to happen. If it the president did end the investigation, the biased media would love nothing more, and the Democrats would try to add that to the “impeachment” argument.

In almost every poll taken, the results show that more than half of the people surveyed either want to see the investigation end, or believe it is politically motivated.

Another issue that troubles me is that Mueller reportedly wants to sit down with President Trump for “questioning” regarding the investigation. The problem that I worry about is that Mueller will trap the president intentionally for a perjury charge.