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Charges filed against officer who shot and killed 17 YO Antwon Rose

Justice has been served for 17 year old Antwon Rose.

On June 19th Pittsburgh police officers stopped a vehicle with reports of a drive-by shooting. One of those officers was Michael Rosfeld. And one of those suspects was 17 year old Antwon Rose.

The two men exited the vehicle and started running on foot. That’s when officer Rosfeld opened fire, shooting Antwon three times. He later died at the hospital.

Later it was revealed that there were two guns in the vehicle, but the suspects were unarmed. I understand the stress and danger police officers face everyday. I also understand that their lives hang in the balance of suspects and can change in a matter of seconds. But things like this are really unfortunate and hard to say who is wrong. The officer did not know if the suspects were armed or not, but at that time, there was no threat nor did they know for sure that they were the ones in the drive-by. The suspects should not have ran, but shooting at them seems to be too much. A video released by a bystander shows Antwon being gunned down.

[graphic video]

The court files have been released as well.