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“Workaholics” crew returns on Netflix’s “Game Over, Man” film

This my review of the new Netflix comedy "Game Over, Man"

I was so excited when I saw that the Workaholic guys returned together for a film. I couldn’t wait for it to be released. I didn’t even watch the trailer or read what it was about. I only saw that it had Adam, Blake, and Anders and immediately clicked “add to list”. It was released on Netflix on March 23rd, and I was it on Sunday night. I knew it would be good since the guys are absolutely hilarious in anything they do.

One of the first opening scenes is showing us (the audience) that the guys are hotel maids. The first hotel room they have to clean has cum-filled condoms throw all over the room. Along with open bottles of high-priced Champaign. That is where the guys realize they want more, they want to be the baller who throws used condoms all over hotel rooms like a boss!

They then learn a young rich international social media playboy is staying in the hotel they work at. So the guys figured they would use this opportunity to get a chance to pitch one of their inventions. That is when all hell breaks loose, and the gang have to start saving lives!


Now for my review of the film. I found it to be absolutely hilarious and would find myself laughing out loud. For anyone who is a Workaholic fan, I highly recommend watching it!

My rating: 8/10