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Will the Undertaker return at WrestleMania 34?

Cena challenges The Undertaker to a match at WM 34

Well that just happened. And as the fans chanted, IT WAS AWESOME! John Cena lost his only shot too WrestleMania at last night’s Fastlane PPV when AJ Styles retained the WWE championship. I’m not sure of the numbers, but it seems Cena has been at every WrestleMania for the past decade.

As you can see, John Cena is on the official WrestleMania 34 artwork. So why would they do that if he wasn’t going to be wrestling? Also, a side note, why isn’t AJ Styles on there?

Moments ago on Raw, John Cena issued a challenge to The Undertaker. A match at WM 34. The dead man has not wrestled since WrestleMania 33 when he lost to Roman Reigns. That was considered to be his farewell match. He was MIA from WWE television until Raw 25 where he made a quest appearance on the Jan. 22nd episode of raw.

The phenom looks to still be in phenomenal shape for being 50 years old. He’s also been pretty lucky during his career in regards to not having any major injuries. If the Undertaker wants to return I’m sure the WWE would be HAPPY to allow him to. Since their buys for WM 34 would skyrocket if the Undertaker was making his return. And to end the Undertaker’s legendary career with a loss, especially to someone like Roman Reigns, that just wouldn’t be right.