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Netflix: “Love” Season 3: How they ruined a great show

The finale was very rushed...

I just finished the third season of “Love” on Netflix. I already review the first and second season here. I wanted to also do a review for season 3, especially because it is the final season of the series. SPOILERS AHEAD

The first half of this season was as expected. The usual awkward and hilarious moments we grew to love from season 1 and 2. For this season they increased the roles of some of the side characters. Such as Bertie, Randy, Chris and Dr. Greg. It was nice seeing those characters getting an actual storyline since their pretty funny actors. I think they did this mainly due to this being final season. They wanted to try to help those actors gain some experience for future roles. Now not only can they say they were in a Netflix original, but also were now in even more episodes.

As I mentioned before the second half of this season felt very rushed. As if they were really struggling to come up with a finale that worked. And it showed. The first half of the season felt normal, but right after the middle point is normally when something goes wrong, and the drama kicks in. Then at the end of the season, we’re left on a cliffhanger wondering “are they going to stay together?!”. But instead, they started cramming storylines about 7 or 8 episodes in. And storylines that normally would take 2-4 episodes to fully explain properly, are being jammed into a 23-minute episode. I mean they get engaged and throw a wedding in ONE EPISODE! Come on…

Overall I don’t want to make it sound like I’m disappointed in the season. I enjoyed it overall… But there were times I was not thrilled about. Again, the first half was absolutely amazing. But the remaining was pretty disappointing. I get that the show was canceled abruptly, and you have to make it work. But it’s been done before and in a much better way. I feel they definitely could have handled the finale better.

My rating overall for this season: 7/10.