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The failed WCW invasion in the WWE still keeps me up at night

What the hell happened?!

The invasion angle. Every wrestling fan knows it. And every wrestling fan just like me is still till this day disappointed that it failed.

I’m about 17 years late, but let’s talk about the WCW failed invasion angle!


It shouldn’t have failed!

WCW was then what WWE is now. A complete wrestling juggernaut. Let’s not forget that WCW lead WWF/E for 84 weeks in the ratings. Now obviously WCW was mismanaged quite badly around 1999. But the reason for that is as many including myself think it’s because of hirings such as Vince Russo. Russo seems like a cool guy but man he’s an idiot when it comes to writing wrestling…

But even when WCW itself was closing up shot, they had phenomenal wrestlers who could draw money. But for some odd reason, old-man Vince McMahon did was he likes to do. And that’s prove a point. When Vince bought the WCW, I didn’t think he ever had actual plans to keep them on, and use them as 2 different companies, a rival. WCW vs WWE. That would have been so amazing! But Vince didn’t want that. Remember, these were not his guys, some were at on point (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hogan). So I’m going to guess that his ego is so huge, it wouldn’t allow him to push wrestlers who were popular in the WCW. And with the most popular Superstars coming from WCW, Vince couldn’t fire. He knew the fans would be irate if Vince fired DDP, Goldberg etc. So what did he do? He had them TERRIBLE gimmicks so their characters would die, and he coul blame it on the Superstar, not working hard enough, or couldn’t make it in the WWE.


Competition is good.

Almost every wrestling promoter or booker that no longer works for WWE say that this was a bad move to close up WCW. competition brings out the best in people. When you have a monopoly on something, you have on real competition. I know there is other wrestling promotions still but none of them are a real threat to the WWE.

What happened with the NWO?

Some fans say the NWO was getting old. But I believe it was just the writing got old and tiresome. When the NWO came to the WWE, it seems they just were wasted. They did the one great angle with The Rock getting rammed by the semi-truck. But I couldn’t name another memorable moment with the NWO in the WWE. And that is sad.


I really think Vince McMahon and the WWE dropped the ball in this. And yes I know they did the “invasion” angle for a short period of time, but it just wasn’t memorable. And it seems it just went away after a while.