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18.21 Man Made Review – The best hair clay & bodywash

Absolutely love this stuff!!!

I recently changed my hairstyle to something totally different from the fauxhawk I had for many years. I felt the fauxhawk was a little outdated, and ultimately it was time for a change. So I searched and searched for something I liked, and finally decided on one. It’s short on the sides and parted with an edge line. You can see it at the bottom of the article if you’d like.

With the new cut, I needed some new styling creme. So I went to a local hair salon and looked at their selection. I went in only expecting to get hair creme (either clay or wax) and nothing more. But I went in and found a wide selection of products. So I looked at each. And one stood out, the 18.21 Man Made Clay. It had a very great and unique smell. I also liked that it had a dry look to it. So I went with that. I took it to the counter to check out and the lady mentioned there is also a body wash and shampoo mix by the same company. So I went back and took a look and a whiff. It smelled even better than the wax. The lady actually lets me purchase it for 10$. So I couldn’t pass up on the offer.

I liked the smell, but after using it, I liked it even more. Now that I’ve used it, even more, I’m absolutely hooked. The smell is super unique, and nothing compares. It smells like a mixture of things, sweet tobacco, vanilla, and honey. It’s just amazing. And it doesn’t stop at the smell. It makes my skin feel great. Normally I don’t use body wash. But just the bar of soap. It gets me clean, but it dries my skin out. And I’ve tried many different types. But the 18.21 Man Made doesn’t dry my skin out at all, it lasts a long time and it makes my skin feel great. It also gets all the wax out of my hair and doesn’t cause dandruff like other shampoos do to my scalp.

I will be purchasing more products from 18.21 Man Made very soon, including the hairspray and cologne to maximize the sweet smell.