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Five ways to help fix school shootings

The hot debate is gun control since the terrible events that occurred a few weeks ago at a Florida highschool. But as I’ve explained in my most recent article, this isn’t a gun problem. It’s a mental health issue, a FBI issue and most of all a school safety issue. I’ve put together five ways that I think would help prevent further tragedies from happening in the future.


Keep doors locked in between classes.

Usually, teachers keep the doors unlocked or even wide open during class. Why not keep them locked? If a student needs to leave to go to the principal’s office or the restroom, simply unlock the door, and lock it again. Some schools/teachers do this, but not always. This would prevent unwanted people from entering the classroom. Now obviously the argument would be that this wouldn’t fix anything in-between classes, which is correct but I think in conjunction with the other actions below, it would help.


Bullet proof glass on the doors.

One recollection of the Parkland school shooting, a student recalled the shooter –Nikolas Cruz– shooting students through the locked door’s glass. If the glass was bullet proof and the doors were kept locked, this would have prevented further deaths. Ultimately, why not do this?


Armed guards at all schools.

A congressman recently proposed a bill that requires one-armed guard per every one thousand students. Honestly, I forgot who purposed this, but it is a fantastic idea. I think this would solve most if not all of the school shootings. Schools at this time are completely open for shootings, that is why they’re targeted so often. Many schools –minus maybe a few– have absolutely no security whatsoever. If anything happens, someone has to call the police, then those police have to get to the school before anything can happen, and sometimes that takes upwards of 10 minutes. Keep in mind many students and teachers do not have their phones on them. Often they’re kept in their desk, or in their backpack. If guards are at the school, many psychopaths will think twice before trying anything. And if something does happen, guards are only seconds away. I hear many people making the point that this would be dangerous, and often point to the police shootings. Well, first off many of the police shootings are justified due to noncompliance or the person poses a threat. This would not be the case at the schools. The guards would not interact with the students, and are not there to police the school. They would be there to ONLY protect the school, that is all.



Panic buttons at teacher’s desks.

As I mentioned before many students and even teachers don’t keep their cell phones on their person. But rather in a bag or even in a locked desk. So if something pops off, the delay in calling for help verses the instant alert a panic button would provide.


Arm the teachers.

This topic has come up again due to the horrific actions at the Parkland shooting. Allowing the teachers to have a gun to protect the students against threats. “So you want everyone to have a gun!!!?” No, only the teachers who are COMFORTABLE with having a gun would be given one. Or teachers who already have a concealed carry permit. Even then they would need to pass a thorough medical examination and a gun safety course. The main argument against this is that is unsafe. Privately because some think there would be accidents or that the gun “would go off”. But these things wouldn’t happen. I’m proposing that teachers who are again, comfortable and trained to have a firearm. It’s not like guns would be just lying around in the classroom. The gun would be in a quick access lockbox. Not to mention guns don’t just “go off” randomly. Most accidents come when the person is not being safe, not checking if the gun if empty, cleaning the gun, or if the owner does not lock the gun up and a child gets ahold of it. Which again would not happen with what I’m recommending.


Ultimately something does need to be done. But not taking away guns or banning a certain type of weapon. These are simply some ideas