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Dear Mr. President – My open letter to President Trump

I will also be mailing this to The White House!

Dear Mr. President: Donald J. Trump


My name Nicolas Bowling, born and raised in Florida – your seconds home right? My goal is to write you a letter that is unique, and heartfelt. Lord knows you probably get thousands a day if not more. Because you deserve everyone one of those. What you are doing for our country is so phenomenal and brave. Many people would not be able to do what you are doing. You’re dealing with things no other President has ever had to deal with before. Yet you’re still able to DO more. The constant parroting in the mainstream media (fake news) running 24/7. I’d say 90% of it is biased and unfair coverage. And that’s not right. Then the constant hatred being thrown your way from ungrateful/uninformed Americans that choose not to see how much you’ve done for our great nation. Those are the people I try to reach through my writing.

Sir, I run an independent news website “Real News, Sports and Entertainment!” At RealNSE.com. Ever since I’ve started to follow you, way early on during the campaign I’ve been reporting TRUTHFULLY on and about your campaign and your historic Presidency. I’m trying to bring back truth through journalism. But Mr. President I have to tell you, it’s extremely hard. It’s hard when big outlets like Google, Twitter and Facebook openly admit that they censor conservative news sites especially Pro-Trump news sites. But I will never stop. You’ve been a true role model for me when it comes to fighting for what you believe in. And never letting anyone or anything stand in your way. You also have inspired me to run for political office in the near future.

I was so excited when I saw the chance to win a dinner with you. I’m on a very tight budget (just until my first check with those Trump tax cuts come!) so I was only able to donate a few dollars. I knew most likely I wouldn’t win simply because of the sheer mass of supporters you have who I’m sure entered as well. But just the thought of being able to eat a meal with your Mr. President, wow words cannot express how awesome that would be.

If you take the time to read this, I greatly appreciate your valuable time. May God bless and watch over you and your family. Always remember we are behind you 100%!


Thank you,
Nicolas Bowling
Founder and head writer of RealNSE.com