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Why do Democrats choose non-citizens over Americans?

The illegals coming to America now will be DACA-Dreamers in the future. Where does it stop?

President Trump held a number of meetings this week to try to sort out a compromise deal to secure funding for the wall and offer citizenship for 800,000 “dreamers”. But it seems his efforts went unappreciated as the bill that was presented to him had no compromise from the side of the Democrats. It leaned more to benefiting members of DACA, and not offering pennies to fund the wall.

So the question I ask is, why are the Dems so concerned about non-citizens and so unconcerned about American’s safety?

The Dems lost the election, as well as the House and the Senate, so needless to say they’re hurting. They continue to fail, and are unable to connect with voters. So what is the answer? Not to try to listen to what the American people want, but to simply make voters! By legalizing these people, they insure another 800,000 new Democratic voters, because they “fought” for them.

The Dems also like to paint these “dreamers” as “kids”. When the average age of DACA members are 21+. These are able body people, not poor little kids. DACA was started is 2012 by Obama, meaning the average age of these “children” coming to America was around 14. So to say they know no other country other than America, simply doesn’t add up.

And I don’t want to hear about how it’s “just a piece of paper” that separates these people from being citizens. That’s grossly oversimplifying things. A birth certificate is a piece of paper, a social security card is a piece of paper but guess what, without them I can’t work, buy a home, file taxes ETC.

The real problem I have with DACA is where does it end? Sure, I don’t really have much issue with these people becoming legal. What I have a problem with is Democrats trying to fool people into thing they’re motivation is to help these people. And that the people who are illegally entering our country NOW, are the DACA recipients of the future. Where does it stop?

DACA is NOT the answer. The answer is securing our border, and ensuring AMERICANS are put first. There’s footage of a number of Democrat senators, members of congress and even Democratic Presidents talking tough on border security and illegal aliens. Here are just a few:

They cared so much about protecting our boarders back then. Now, not so much. The only thing that’s change is Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States. And they don’t like that. They can’t look passed the fact that an outsider, a non-politician beat them. They can’t stand the fact that President Trump is doing so well, and really helping America.

So in conclusion – I am fine with these people becoming citizens as long as they respect our country and our culture. But we need Trump’s border wall. To keep American’s safe from illegal aliens, criminals and to keep drugs from pouring into our street.