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It’s a TRAP! President Trump sitting down with Robert Mueller soon

POTUS could end up like Flynn, Manafort

On Wednesday during a recorded impromptu-type press conference; President Trump says he is in fact open to meeting with special counsel head Robert Mueller. He then went on to point out and take a shot at the FBI as well as former FBI director  Comey by saying “I’ll even do it under oath” a reporter then asked: “will it be recorded Mr. President?” Trump responded with half a smirk: “owe you mean like Hillary did?”. You should listen to the full clip below, but ultimately President Trump is ready and willing to sit down with Mueller under oath and wants it recorded. He should like stream it on his Twitter!

One of the reporters asked President Trump when this would be taking place. Trump expressed urgency and his eagerness to get it done saying: “I would love to do that — I’d like to do it as soon as possible” Trump then went on to say “about two or three weeks”.

Some close advisors to the President are trying to avert him from doing this meeting. Not because there’s something to hide but simply because how dirty Robert Mueller is. He’s shown time and time again over the past year that he wants to lock up President Trump’s associates for anything, no matter how petty or small, and ultimately impeach the our President. The concern of many Trump supporters and councillors to the President is that this “meeting” is just a trap to get the President to perjure himself with some sort of “gotcha” question. Again I want to reiterate my point earlier. That is exactly how they got Micheal Flynn and Paul Manafort.

This just goes to show what an honest person our President is. He has absolutely nothing to hide, so he steps up to the plate and takes whatever Mueller can throw at him and knock it out of the park. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t do that. Oh wait, she did! But it wasn’t under oath, and it was recorded! It was a joke! Don’t even for a second think that Trump will get the same courtesy. Democrats and the left want to do anything possible and will stop at nothing to politically assassinate OUR President, and delegitimize his HUGE election victory.