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The State of the Cowboys Franchise

It's time to make The Cowboys Great Again

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The Dallas Cowboys have come off a 9-7 season, and their coaching staff has fallen under scrutiny once again.

Changes at head coach, offensive coordinator, or defensive coordinator have felt imminent on the heels of a 13-3 NFC East-winning campaign just a year ago.Jerry Jones has reassured Cowboys Nation that Jason Garrett, Scott Linehan, and Rod Marinelli will still lead the Cowboys in 2018.

Jerry Jones has said that Jason Garrett will be retained for the 2018 season. Many have called for Garrett’s job due to lack of success in the big games. Garrett is going on his 8th season and should be in the hot seat this coming year due to the lack of wins when it matters the most. I say the Cowboys need to cut ties with Garrett and move on to big and better things and pursue someone who is willing to win.

Now let’s move on to the key pieces that can help the team.

First, we start with the Star Wide receiver Dez Bryant. Dez was asked to take a pay cut to help the team in cap space, but Dez refused to do such thing.   Dez has been a TD machine since he was drafted by the Cowboys. However, he has struggled against the top corners in this league, where his production has slid since he signed his long-term extension. With his value probably still high, especially to a WR needy team, now is the time before it’s too late to trade.  The Cowboys should address this in free agency or even the draft.

Now let’s focus on the Defense, we focus on the secondary of the Dallas Cowboys.

They haven’t had a true star cornerback since Deion Sanders. They have stopped the pass mainly through a great rush, and occasional excellence out of the safety position. The success they have had on that side of the ball has been more incidental than anything. The Cowboys of the past two decades have been built around offense. If things continue the way that they are, though, that could be changing.  The Cowboys need to make a push for acquiring good secondary players via free agency such as Earl Thomas who expressed his interest in the team earlier this year.  The Cowboys can pursue other secondary players such as Darrel Revis and maybe a Richard Sherman. The Cowboys should look to get younger Via the Draft as well.

All we can hope for is that the Cowboys make the right decisions for the team and the fans when they looked towards the future for rebuilding a winning team once again.

So MAKE The Cowboys Great Again.

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