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Rand Paul absolutely destroys the “shithole” comment narrative

"I know for a fact that he cares very deeply for the people in Haiti"

Kentucky Senator was on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday when asked by host Chuck Todd about the alleged “shithole countries” comment made by the President this past week.

This totally destroys the fake news narrative that President Trump is “racist”.

Todd: Where are you on this?

Paul: I don’t think the comments were constructive at all, but I also think that to be fair we shouldn’t draw conclusions that he didn’t intend. I know personally about his feelings towards Haiti, and towards Central America because when I was not a candidate for President and he wasn’t a candidate for President I went down there on a medical mission trip, I did about 200 cataract surgery’s with a group of surgeons in Haiti and the same in Central America. And when we asked Donald J. Trump as a private citizen to support those trips he was a large financial backer of both medical mission trips. So I think it’s unfair to draw conclusions from a remark that wasn’t constructive is the least we can say. So I think it’s unfair to all of a sudden paint him as “well he’s a racist”. When I know for a fact that he cares very deeply for the people in Haiti because he helped finance a trip that we were able to give vision back to 200 people in Haiti.

Todd: I guess though – are you more disturbed by the comment, it’s less about the vulgarity and more that he seemed to say “why can’t we have immigrants from Norway” as oppose to African countries – Paul tries to interject but is cut off by Todd – Look I can tell you this, many non-white Americans here “oh, so he want’s white people not black people”.

Paul: Right, but I think people jumped a little to a conclusion. Let’s take the whole scenario and put different words in there. Let’s say we want people from economically prosperity countries than economically deprived countries. Or we realize they’re more problems in economically deprived countries then there is more of an impotence for them to want to come, then it wouldn’t have been so controversial. There still would have been some controversy but it wouldn’t have been so much. What I can say is if you do a poll, and one of the worldwide polling companies did this and they asked people in 50 countries “would you like to come to America” and about 700 million would come next year. That would double our population, so practically we’re a great place, and practically we do have to limit it and if you do look at where they’d rather come from if you live in a very poor economically distressed country you more likely to want to come than if you live in England or Norway.