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Must watch | CNN’s Jake Tapper got TOASTED by WH adviser Stephen Miller

I like it when Trump's people go on these liberal news shows.

Man, do I love Stephen Miller. First time I knew it, was when he starting talking about the immigration reform plan right after the inauguration. At that point I knew that he was not afraid to fight for President Trump, and stand up against the liberals (mainly in the media). But more so lately he’s been more behind the scenes. That was until he reemerged like a liberal-MSM-slapping-unicorn to take on the king of fake news, Jake Tapper.

Ouch, that clearly got under Tappers skin. Miller is so good at politically slapping the taste out of your mouth, with such a blank stare. It’s quite entertaining. CNN’s ratings are down – what’s new – so this, in my opinion was just a ploy to get some buzz going. And poor Jakey boy had to take one for the team, and walk into a grilling session.

Miller completely took over the interview, and really spotlighted CNN’s bias towards anything having to do with President Trump and the administration. It’s also funny to point out that Tapper was talking about Steve Bannon like he was such a good and stand up guy. But when Bannon came into The White House, he as well as all of his colleagues at CNN were saying Bannon is a Neo-Nazi, a racist and every other name in the book. But as soon as it appears that Bannon has turned on Trump, Tapper thinks of him highly “he did so much for The White House”.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Jake Tapper of Fake News CNN just got destroyed in his interview with Stephen Miller of the Trump Administration. Watch the hatred and unfairness of this CNN flunky!