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Liberals ask the question “why do you still care about Hillary Clinton?”

They think we need to move on.

On Fox News’ Saturday show “Watters World” with Jesse Watters, former Obama administration member Marie Harf asked Corey Lewandowski – former Trump campaign manager – “why are you still fighting 2016 Corey?”, “get over Hillary, move on!”.

Her statements were triggered when Watters asked Corey and Marie for their thoughts on the multiple open investigations on or involving Hillary, including the new investigation into her email scandal. Corey responded by saying “it’s about accountability”, also bringing up Kristian Saucier, a Navy sailor who was jailed for mishandling classified information. This points out the clear biased in the FBI under Comey.

We will not “move on” from Hillary Clinton and her numerous crimes she has committed until she is held accountable, just as we are. Every American should’ve been and still be outraged that Hillary Clinton had an illegal email server that she used to send and receive classified information that put American at jeopardy and has not paid the price.