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It’s time. The Green Bay Packers need to rebuild

No more bullshit, we need to rebuild!

Year after year it’s the same damn thing with the Green Bay Packers. Injuries, depth chart not being strong enough. So when a starter goes down we’re struggling, a scrambling to move things around and fill the void that the injured starter(s) left. In most cases, we’re filling those holes with players who don’t even play that specific position, or with rookies who haven’t even played a full starting snap.

We need to start drafting smarter. And I don’t want to hear about how Ted Thompson is a master at drafting, because he’s not. He may have been maybe 4-5 years ago, but not anymore. He lands more misses and busts than gems. The game has changed, just like it does every year. It feels the Packers front office and scouters are always a season behind.

How can it be fixed?

All egos need to be checked at the door. Head coach Mike McCarthy is a great coach, and I like him. But something has to change, and quickly. We are not the Cleveland Browns, we don’t have time. We have arguably the best quarterback in te NFL. And his career and talent is being completely wasted. We need to draft lots of offensive lineman, and no I’m not talking about those late 5 or 6 round picks that the analysts call  “a possible sleeper/steal. We need too linemen, big guys that are NFL ready on day one. We need protection for Rodgers! That is our biggest priority. Everything else falls into place after that…

And another big change that needs to be made, is firing our strength and conditioning coach. This is something I’ve been calling for for a long time. We can’t continue to allow our players, our starters, our pro-bowl stars to be injured, every year, over and over.