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Don Lemon of CNN blames Trump for a guy threatening CNN office? HUH?

Lemon asks POTUS "what grade are you in?"

Oh yes, you read that headline correctly… Don “the dumbest person in broadcasting” Lemon – Trump nickname there – had an emotional segment on this Tuesday night show. “This one really hits close to home” is how he started the segment. The focal point of the segment was about Brandon Griesemer, a 19-year-old grocery store clerk from Michigan. Brandon allegedly made 22 threatening phone calls to the CNN main office saying things like “fake news!” ”

“I know from very reliable sources, inside The White House, that you watch this show” Lemon says directly to President Donald J. Trump. He continued “when you make that baseless charge, be aware that people are listening to you, some very dangerous people” Lemon continues, describing what the man said when making the threats: “FAKE NEWS! I’M COMING TO GUN YOU ALL DOWN. FAKE NEWS!” Don Lemon asks: “I wonder where he got those words?”

Lemon finishes out the segment saying: “When you Donald Trump tweet a post of a train hitting CNN, you might think its funny but it’s not, it’s actually childish. When you tweet a doctored video of you body slamming CNN, people are watching that. What grade are you in?”

It’s just so dumb to blame this on President Trump. I mean give me a break Don. Just stop. This is almost as bad as when “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence (a known Liberal) blamed the hurricanes (Harvey & Irma) on President Trump saying: “you know, you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard, especially while promoting this movie, not to feel Mother Nature’s rage and wrath” Lawrence said.

What is wrong with these people? President Trump calls CNN fake news because they’re CONSISTENTLY reporting and spreading FAKE news. More than any other news outlet for that matter.

One last thing I would like to point out is that Don Lemon openly supports the group Black Lives Matter. He has defended their hateful actions on his program time and time again. This is the same group that chants in the streets about killing cops, calling them pigs and to “FRY THEM LIKE BACON!”. So when a member of BLM kidnaps a white kid (which they have done already) can I blame it on Don Lemon?