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Bad news for the press corp – President Trump given clean bill of health

White House doctor gives Trump clean bill of health.

On January 12th in Washington,  Doctor Ronny Jackson did a full exam of President Donald Trump and was given a clean bill of health. Including a full cognitive test and passed it, bigly! Killing the narrative that the President is “unfit” or “unhealthy” and that we should be concerned about his health.

For weeks we’ve had dozens of “doctors” on left leaning news shows such as CNN, diagnosing President Trump without an exam, or even having a discussion with him.

On that clip, CNN’s doctor – Sanjay Gupta, said that he things President Trump has “heart disease”. Although Doctor Ronny Jackson said nothing about that.

Ronny Jackson is a highly decorated doctor. He was the White House doctor for George W. Bush and Barack Obama. But now that he’s given President Trump a clean bill of health, he’s is no longer credible. Funny how that works. When Dr. Jackson gave an exam to President Bush and President Obama, the media was silent. They took Dr. Jackson’s word for it, because after all, he is a doctor.

President Donald Trump is healthy, just needs to lose a little weight. But he has been given a clean bill of health. And the mainstream media (MSM) views this as a bad thing, or a conspiracy theory.

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Mainstream media: President Trump is not healthy. Or mentally stable! Whitehouse doctor (used for Bush and Obama): President Trump is healthy. And passed his cognitive test 100%. Mainstream media: this doctor must be from Russia!

So now that the Russia collusion narrative is completely imploding, now the newest narrative of Trump being unhealthy or unstable has already been destroyed. What will be next? That the President is a closet homosexual? I wouldn’t be surprised….