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Will Donna Brazile be the next Seth Rich?

Will Donna Brazile make it out alive?

With all of the media coverage and waves the former DNC Chair, and close confidante to Hillary Clinton,  Donna Brazile is getting for her new book exposing secrets, will she make it out alive? Included is secrets about the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton and her health scare, possibly having to replace her after the notorious 9/11 passing out incident.

There’s some pretty bombshell stuff in this book. But Brazile should be looking over her shoulder. The Clinton body count is a real thing. It may not be as exaggerated as some say, but it is real. Just look at Seth Rich. A former DNC staffer who is thought to be the one who was exposing Hillary Clinton and the DNC. He was shot and killed, the police call it a “robbery gone  wrong” yet all of his belongings including his wallet and phone were all still on his person. In Brazile’s  book she says that she was very scared for her life after Seth was murdered. She even said she always sure to put the shades down to avoid possible sniper fire at all times. That’s the most recent case. But there’s a number of other cases where people close to or enemies of the Clinton’s have somehow wound up dead in some strange way.

Brazile is doing the right thing. She is exposing the corrupt Clinton’s and the Democratic party. She needs to stay safe!

You can check out the book here.