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We have thirteen dogs – Wanna know why?

The story of our thirteen dogs!

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13 of them! #doggie #dogsofinstgram #dog #dogs #dogs

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Growing up, dogs were a part of the family. To the point where my dad would get a little offended if anyone actually called them “DOGS”. They are and always were, “babies”, a part of the family.

When I was young, we always had 2 or 3 dogs, cocker spaniels. The first one, Jake, was a full blooded cocker spaniel. If I remember correctly my father got him from a breeder when he was a puppy. I still remember when my father first brought Jake home. We still live in the same house. And I recently moved back home, so I still stay in the same room. Anyway I was sitting in my room playing some sort of hand-held game (possibly the Sega Game Gear), when my father opened the door, set Jake down and the first thing he did was run right into my room, and onto my chair. Jake was a great dog, very protective, we had no idea one day we’d have over a dozen!

Shortly after getting Jake, we found a local cocker spaniel shelter. So we bought more and more, one by one. The next one was Tiffany, who was blind, then Luke, who I chose, then came CoCoa and JoJo who we bought together. We named JoJo after my dad’s very good friend, Joanne. Who had just passed away due to cancer.

We had just the 5 cocker spaniels throughout my young childhood. They were my brothers and sisters, when I was homeschooling, they kept me company.

Through the years I lived on my own and have always had my own dog (Poodle). My father continued to adopt, but now from the humane society instead of a breeder. As well as occasionally adopting dogs from customers of his store. A few of our dogs at the moment are from people who adopted a dog and for one reason or another wanted to give it up. So instead of the dog being neglected or possibly put down, my dad takes them in. Your probably thinking it must be a challenge to keep up with all the pet insurance plans. Lucikly, places like www.petsbest.com keep it simple.

There’s a story behind each of them. But the most unique story is Daisy’s. She’s a Basset Hound who belonged to an old man. He was a customer at my dads store. Every time he would come in, he would have his dog in the car. One day he came in to shop, and he collapsed. My father called an ambulance, and when they arrived the man was only concerned about Daisy in his truck. My dad told him “I’ll take care of your dog don’t worry”. Apparently he had fell and hit his head a few days earlier. Unfortunately the man passed away shortly after. Daisy is a fantastic dog, it was an unfortunate situation but she as well as us, are happy to have her.

They’re all great dogs, I couldn’t imagine not having them.