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The biggest problems KILLING the Hip Hop + Rap industry

Mumble rap is not music.....


It’s obvious that the state of Hip-Hop and Rap is and has drastically changed. Do you even listen to the radio? I mean the Hip-Hop now a days being played is complete trash 90% of the time.

Normal FM radio stations just don’t get it, and record labels don’t either for that matter. They sign artists based on the “wow” factor and sellability. The skills in the booth have little to no bearing on whether or not an artist is signed or given a push. If you have a gimmick, you’re in. Which is sad, that’s why many consider Hip-Hop to be dead and gone. Personally, I don’t believe it’s dead, but it’s changed significantly and not for the better.

Another huge issue in the industry is social media. Many think it’s a blessing, it allows artists to be independent and promote their music easily. And I agree with that. But the problem is it’s watered down the industry, terribly. Particularly I’m talking about fake social media marketing. Fake followers, likes, views etc are killing the industry. It makes it nearly impossible for authentic artists to make an impact.

A recent trend called “mumble rap” has emerged. I’m sure you’ve already heard it. But if you didn’t, let me explain. It’s the “art” – or lack there of – of rapping without really opening your mouth. And this is actually played on the radio! Yeah…. Starting to understand where I’m going with this?

It takes time to find GOOD music now a days. Even more so for Hip-Hop and Rap because everyone thinks they can rap, and anyone can get free beats on Soundcloud, and record and mix the song in their room, or even basement! Hip-Hop/Rap isn’t dead, it’s just buried alive, and if you want good music, you have to dig.