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Is Jon Gruden ready to make a comeback?

Jon Gruden may be eyeing a comeback to football. THE GRUMORS HAVE STARTED

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The coaching rumor mill is starting up again and the one coach’s name that always comes up every year is Jon Gruden. Jon Gruden has not put on a headset and led a team in almost 10 years after he was fired in 2009 by the Tampa Bay Buccanneers for losing 4 straight games in a row. After that Jon Gruden felt kind of sour towards the team and decided to hang em up and retire and concentrate on family. Then ESPN came calling and Jon was offered the Lead role calling Monday night games and you know what, he has been pretty damn good at it. Now going on ten years Jon Gruden has become the face of Monday Night Football. Jon has become a natural in the broadcast booth, but with all that, something is missing in the old ball coach and that is coaching his own team. Gruden has stated in the past that he does not miss the sideline especially the losing, Gruden walks by the losing team locker room after every game to remind himself how it feels to lose a game.

Now let’s fast forward to present time, Gruden’s name has been thrown around the sports world like a rag doll lately.  The Tennessee volunteers threw their name into the mix by offering Jon Gruden $10 million dollars to coach their football program.

Now the main topic is that Gruden’s name being associated with his old team the Tampa Bay Buccanneers. With Tampa Bay being on a bad losing streak and they are having a dreadful season many people have called for Coach Dirk Kotter to be fired and replaced by Jon Gruden. Usually, these rumors start happening around this time every year, but this time it is different Gruden has not denied these rumors this time, he even went on air to say anything could happen.

To even add more fuel to this fire 2 weeks ago the owners of the Tampa Bay Buccanneers were spotted in Bristol Connecticut, the main headquarters of ESPN.

As of this week, a source close to the Tampa Bay Buccanneers and Jon Gruden reported that both parties have a mutual interest in each other and a deal may be in the works.

So will we see Jon Gruden with a headset again roaming an NFL sideline?

Well, only time will tell.