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Does Gun Control Really Work?

Is Gun control really the Answer

There have been some sad events occurring here in the United States lately, We have had some mass shootings in the past month and these horrendous acts have taken many lives and injured hundreds more.

These events have sparked the epic controversy over gun control and gun bans and stricter gun laws.

I am against gun violence but to ban guns I am highly against, I believe in the 2nd amendment right and will always be against gun free zones which are considered killing zones.

So here are some facts to prove most gun control laws do not work.

Let’s start with Chicago which has one of the strictest gun laws in the United States. This year so far Chicago already has 593 homicides all gun-related and last year almost 800 homicides altogether.

The violence In Chicago has gotten so bad that President Donald Trump has said he is thinking about sending in the feds to intervene and help calm down the chaos.


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Image result for chicago gun violence 2017


What this proves that as much as people say that gun free zones would be better, they are wrong.

Gun free zones are dangerous, the bad guys are like kids in a candy store when they enter one.

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I believe no matter what a killer is going to kill. So as much as the government tries to bad guns, a killer will find a different way to achieve his goal. Just look at what has been happening around the world with the terrorist using cars and trucks to mow people down on the sidewalks.

So are we going to start banning cars and calling them assault vehicles?

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for background checks and help prevent getting the guns into the wrong hands of the wrong people, but banning them all together is just wrong.

Here is a quote from our senior writer and founder of RealNSE Nicolas Bowling

“I’m a strong advocate for our second amendment. I feel it is our right that we as law-abiding citizens have the right to defend ourselves if they see fit and are comfortable with possessing a firearm. With being said I believe that we as citizens also have the responsibility to follow common sense laws that are in place to make sure firearms stay out of the hands of criminals and irresponsible people.”

We here at RealNSE are big supporters of the 2nd Amendment and also we support the NRA. We also support the background checks and the full process of getting a firearm, but we do not support gun bans.