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BuzzFeed thinks we should ban cars after New York “truck” attack

"Cars don’t belong on the streets of big cities"

This is not a joke, or fake news. BuzzFeed writer Jessie Singer published a piece yesterday titled “We Should Ban Cars From Big Cities. Seriously.”

In light of the terror attack that killed 8 people in Manhattan this past week carried out by a terrorist that is said to be radicalized while in the United States, BuzzFeed doesn’t want us to use cars anymore. The terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov who came to the United States by winning a “diversity lottery”, is just that, a terrorist. But not according to BuzzFeed.

In the coming days, politicians will try to convince you that what happened on the West Side Highway in Manhattan this week was an issue of terrorism, immigration, or religion. But just like the plague of mass shootings is a gun problem, the thousands of people killed by cars as they walk our streets every year is a car problem.

No, the car is not to blame. But what is, is our open borders, and people like this BuzzFeed writer who is too blind to see that radical Islamic terrorism is very real, and it’s a big problem.

If we banned cars from every city in the US tomorrow, we would stop vehicular terrorism overnight — and save thousands of lives.

That’s true, we would stop “vehicular terrorism” if we banned all cars. But we wouldn’t stop radical Islamic terrorists from killing people, because they would simply find another way. And banning cars would only make it harder for regular law abiding and hard working citizens to get to and from places. But obviously BuzzFeed couldn’t care less about that.

Hey, I have an idea, let’s stop letting these people into our country. It may not be “politically correct” but I’d rather see less dead Americans than to be politically correct.