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BLM activist Shaun King uses Texas shooting for racial narrative already

"It was a white man. It's fine"

Hateful Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has already started using the Texas church shooting that killed 25 people for his racial narrative.

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, a hatred driven person has already tweeted about the Texas church shooting that has taken the life of 25 people, using it for his racial narrative.

Shaun King on Twitter

Don’t worry everybody. It was a white man who slaughtered half of the church in Texas. That means everything is just fine. No terrorism

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@ShaunKing Wow, you’ve got unbelievable hatred in you. The blood hasn’t even dried and you’re using this for your racial narrative?

He even made fun of someone saying “it’s not about politics or skin colour“.

Shaun King on Twitter

You can’t make this stuff up.

This is completely disgusting and unbelievable, why does liberals ALWAYS use deaths for political gain?