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WOW: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asks players to STAND for Anthem in memo

This comes roughly 12 hours after President Trump threatened to take away the NFL's "Tax Breaks".

Earlier today the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell penned a memo to the players and team owners. The full memo is here, but in that memo Goodell does say “everyone should stand for the national anthem”.

The topic of the memo (anthem protests) will be discussed in great detail at the meeting in New York next week with all 32 team owners.

The memo comes hours after President Trump hinted at cutting the tax breaks that the NFL gets. That almost seems to obvious, and of course the NFL and Goodell will deny he did this because of Trump, but it’s pretty obvious it was that the NFL is finally seeing the writing on the wall.

We’ll just have to wait and see if the NFL makes it mandatory or not.