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ISIS invaded my insane dream!



I normally don’t write about real personal experiences. But I had a pretty insane dream two nights ago and would like to share it. I think it is in light of the Las Vegas shooting, and this whole thing about November 4th.

So my dream starts off listening to the radio and hearing that ISIS is invading the United States. Not mentioning where or when they were exactly going to be in my city. But I had the feeling it would be soon. My father owns a revolver that he keeps locked up, but for whatever reason I figured that I needed my own. But of course everything was closed due to the coming “invasion”, but for whatever reason the local flea market was open. So I went there and visited each of those booths with all of those collectible and hunting knives, which normally don’t have guns. I went to about 8 or 9 different stands looking for a pistol for self defense. Many did not have any, until I came across one stand that had one. They had a really old style long nose revolver that was stuffed behind a shelf. I asked the man how much it was, he replied “15 dollars”. I was relieved, as I didn’t have much money on me. As I was checking out the pistol, I remembered that I didnt bring my divers license. I started panicking, because I knew I needed my license to make the purchase. But luckily the guy working the stand was nice, and understanding, so I looked at the revolver and realized that it was exactly what I wanted.

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I paid for my little 15$ 🙄long nose revolver, and went on my way.