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Eminem records pathetic freestyle diss to President Trump | Says F*uck you to Trump supporters

Literally everything he raps about is a false narrative


Well the hate and ignorance continues. The 44 year old white rapper Eminem released a 4:34 second video of him “free-styling” acapella “dissing” President Trump for the BET Hip Hop awards.

Throughout the video I noticed that literally everything he was talking about was a false narrative. The whole thing is false.

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  • At the very beginning of the diss he threatens to assault the President with a dumping hot coffee on Trump.
  • I find it funny that he mentions Ramadan, which is a Muslim holiday, where many people die and violence breaks out.
  • He wants us to take a minute to thank President Obama, because what we have in office now is a “kamikaze” who is going to start a “a nuclear holocaust”.
  • He raps about how Trump is a racist, and supporter of white supremacy.

  • Eminem says if you support President Trump and also like his music and can’t decide who to support, “I’ll do it for you, with this” while holding up a middle finger and saying “FUCK YOU!”
  • At the end of the video he is sure to include “we love our country and love our military, BUT WE HATE TRUMP!”

This whole diss track is just embarrassing, and has many points I could go through, but frankly I don’t care enough to. These are just some of the most ridiculous things that were said. Which again, are ALL mainstream media Democratic talking points. “Trump’s racist, he’s a bigot”, the usual crap.

It’s important to remember that this is the same person who raps about beating, choking, murdering woman, calling people faggots, raping his mother and the list keeps on going.