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We need to get the RINO’s out of office in 2018

Hey hey, ho ho, Paul Ryan has got to go!


President Trump has been getting a lot of great things done so far since being in office. But not with much help from his own party members in the Senate. The “repeal and replace” bill was a complete failure due to the GOP not being on the same page and not working together. That was always supposed to be what makes us Republicans different from the Democrats. Republicans ran on “repealing Obamacare” for 7 full years. Now that they have the house, senate and presidency, they still can’t get something done? We have people in the GOP like Flake, Ryan, McConnell that are actively going against our President, and acting like the Democrats. Trying to resist and makes things difficult and it is affecting the American people. And that’s not right.

Many members of the house and the senate are up for re-election in 2018. Such as:

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Ted Cruz

I really like Cruz, he has been doing a great job in the Senate implementing conservative view points, and helping our President.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan has got to go. He is a clear RINO (Republican in Name Only) He has never been there for our President, during the election or after. We need to get a pro-American, pro-Trump, conservative in for speaker of the house in 2018.

Lisa Murkowski

Murkowski is another Republican who failed the American people when she voted “NO” on the repeal and replace bill President Trump brought forward. If they can’t do what they’ve promised us, get them out! Very simple.


There are a number of Republicans that are up for re-election in 2018. And if they don’t support our elected President, and don’t follow through on their promises. We must vote them out!