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There is no argument for “DACA” PERIOD

Why do we help illegals before helping Americans?

President Trump followed through with his promise to the American voters that put him in office. Yesterday Trump sent his attorney general out for a press briefing to announce that the Trump administration will not be enforcing Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) policy. And that congress has 6 months to come up with a better plan, or it will be revisited by President Trump and possibly terminated for good.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Congress, get ready to do your job – DACA!

Of course people on the left are going completely insane with anger calling Trump racist, and a terrible person. Even some RINO Republicans like Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham and others are pushing hard against President Trump on this. Democratic senator Dick Durbin and Republican senator Lindsey Graham held a press conference after the announcement. Graham said he did not agree with Obama overstepping congress and implementing DACA on his own. But somehow he thinks these illegal immigrants deserve to stay in America. He also said during the conference that President Trump should “work the phones” to help these “children”. I found that extremely backwards, Trump is too busy “working the phones” for actual Americans, not someone who does not respect our laws and entered this country illegally.

Then when senator Durbin spoke, he actually had the nerve to say “it’s time we put American’s interest first, and help these children”. That is the most backwards way of thinking I’ve heard in a long time. It’s typical liberal logic. Let’s help non-citizens before we help Americans. For all these “poor dreamer children” that these senators and liberals want to help, there’s at least one American child going to bed hungry tonight. What about helping them, or fundraising for them?

I just don’t see how allowing people who have entered the country illegally stay here makes any sense at all. They broke the law, or in these cases their parents broke our laws, so we reward them with citizenship? If they break our immigration law, what makes you think they will follow our other laws? They obviously have no respect for our culture or our constitution.


The Mexican government released a statement yesterday after the announcement saying the following:

“Mexico will receive Dreamers who return to our country with open arms,” the government said, adding it’s already begun making preparations. “In accordance with instructions from President Enrique Peña Nieto, the agencies of the federal government are strengthening their efforts to offer them the greatest support, take advantage of their talents and skills, and fully integrate them into our society and national economy.”

So the excuse of “I can’t go back to Mexico” is not valid. The people protesting and calling this racist is absolutely absurd. These people are here ILLEGALLY, I don’t know how many times I can say that. People are marching and protesting for people who have entered our country illegally. But I don’t see them marching for the hungry children that are HERE in America, or volunteering at homeless shelters. The time for “America First” is right now, and I hope to see DACA and the “DREAMers” programs dissolved.