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Show Review: Netflix does it again – “Ozark” is a hit! SPOILER FREE

Spoiler freeeeeeeee

I heard Joe Rogan talk about a new Netflix show called “Ozark” on his podcast recently. He said it is a “great show”. Normally I agree with Joe’s taste. Also I’m always looking for more shows to watch. I enjoy having a show on while I write articles, so I run through shows quite quickly.

I’m a big Jason Bateman fan, so I figured it would be a good show. Then I read the synopsis and watched the trailer, and I was sold.

The way I rate my shows is grading each levels from 1-10.

Acting: 8

The acting is very good. I think Jason Bateman is a very underrated actor and has been for a long time. The supporting actors such as Laura Linney, and relatively new comer Julia Garner did a fantastic job playing the roll of a deep south hillbilly. Marty is an evil genius, he gets people to give him their money, and even convinces the people who are trying to kill him to become his friend and even work for him!

Story: 8

There is not a dull moment throughout the 10 episodes. Right when you think Marty has figured it all out, he runs into the Snells. The Snell’s are absolutely crazy

Season Finale: 7

You know, the season finale was good. What you’re expecting is not going to happen, I guarantee you.  The ending pulls emotions out of you you didn’t know you’ve had.

Overall Rating: 8

Fantastic show! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good crime drama show to watch.

Netflix has renewed Ozark for a second season! Whooo Hoo!