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Jemele Hill called me a racist

I never shared my interaction with ESPN’s “His & Hers” host Jemele Hill, but in light of her racial anti-white comments against our President, calling him and and his supporters racists. I thought now is an appropriate time.

The conversation started when she tweeted that the Ravens chose to sign David Olson, a quarterback who quit football, instead of Colin Kaepernick. Of course Hill is insinuating that this was due to the Ravens organization being racist. But that’s far from the truth.

According to former Ravens hall of fame linebacker Ray Lewis, it was due to Kaepernick’s girlfriend and a racially motivated disrespectful tweet.

NESSA on Twitter

? @raylewis

This is my interaction with Jemele Hill:

RealNSE.com on Twitter

@jemelehill @DontBeLikeRyan He is washed up and untalented. A racist, and a distraction, why would any team want to sign him?

Jemele Hill on Twitter

You don’t have to tell on yourself so badly. https://t.co/E2jtYxy3Ft

This sparked many tweets to myself. Many calling me racist. But I responded with facts. If you have free time, go down the rabbit hole of the replies.