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It’s Getting Ridiculous: Left critize Trump for a hat

Are they Really criticizing Over the hats that were worn by The President and The First Lady

With all the chaos and devastation happing in Texas, the country and President Trump have  a lot of things to worry about. One main thing is rescuing as many people as possible and helping all the displaced residents seek some shelter. Another key part is planning on how to rebuild and get everything back up and running especially the oil refineries. Texas is home to 20% of the oil refineries that supply The US.

So to say that the people of Texas and the President of the United States have a lot to deal with is an understatement.

Just today a report came out that many took to social media just to criticize The President and first lady about the hats they were wearing when they took a tour of the devastated areas of Texas.

People were assuming that President Trump was trying to capitalize on this opportunity to make money by promoting his own product by wearing the hat during a time of grief.  tweeting: “Shame on @realDonaldTrump for using the presidency & #HurricaneHarvey as a platform to make himself wealthier.”

Many came to the President’s defense.

One defender tweeted “#YoureARealAdultWhen you focus on the victims of tragedy & the spirit of America rather @FLOTUS’ shoes or @POTUS’ hat!”

President Trump is accused of product placement on his trip to Texas.

The response doesn’t seem to affect the Trump team, as the President has continued to wear his hat in different colors throughout his week while he weighed in on the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.

To all the people out there that have nothing better to do but find fault and criticize the President and First lady over articles of clothing and what type of shoes they wore, is simply stupid and absurd. You are the one who should be looked at and criticized for your lack of a brain and lack of care for other’s well being. We have people out here dead or dying and thousands of other fellow Americans displaced due to this horrendous event that has occurred and all you can do is sit your dumb entitled brain dead ass at home and wait to scrutinize the President and his wife over what they wore, really you are ridiculous. I say wake up and get a life.

To all those in Texas, we stand with you and will continue to pray for you guys and support you every step of the way. We stand United, We Stand with Texas.

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