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Scott Baio just ripped John McCain a new one | Calls Senator a HACK!

Much respect to Scott Baio

Hollywood actor and conservative Scott Baio slams Senator John McCain in new video calling him a “HACK”.

Scott Baio, an outspoken conservative Trump supporter released a video via his Twitter ripping into Senator John McCain for going against what he and other Republicans have been promising for years. The repealing and replacing of Obama Care.

🇺🇸Jojoh888🇺🇸🌹 on Twitter

ICYMI .@ScottBaio expressing how we feel about @SenJohnMcCain “You’re a hack, you’re not a hero, you’re a liberal hack” #SundayMorning

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Much respect to Scott for doing what many in Hollywood are afraid to do. And that’s stand up for what is truly right for the American people.