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Opinion: President Trump sending troops into Afghanistan

I am against this!

Trump confirms we are continuing an almost 17 year war. Here is my opinion on the matter…

Last night President Trump held an urgent conference to announce his plans on Afghanistan. Many were saying he will be sending American troops into Afghanistan, Fox even said they had a source that said the President was planning to send up to 4,000 troops, and others thought he would announce he would be pulling everyone out.

This announcement was determined after President Trump visited and had a meeting with General’s at Camp David. Some say he has been bullied or even threatened by the deep state into continuing the almost 17 years of war in Afghanistan.

Trump didn’t say how many troops he would be deploying, or how much longer we would be in Afghanistan. As usual mum is the word on any military plans. Which I highly agree with. But there was a few statements by the President that I am not in agreence with and some that sent up red flags.

1. “9/11, the worst terrorist attack in our history, was planned and directed from Afghanistan”

9/11 was not orchestrated in Afghanistan. It was plotted by our own government to trigger war. I’m not going to get into how it was an inside job because there’s been many documentaries done and hundreds and hundreds of hours of research done and documents have been leaked supporting that. Trump has even come out and said this in the past as well.

2. Why do we care what’s going on in another country? Trump ran on the “America first” slogan. Now we’re sending in American troops to do what? Kill any and all terrorist threats? But why? Those terrorists are not in America, or hurting any Americans. We have a number of issues right here at home, including our infrastructure. The billions and billions of dollars we’re spending in these pointless wars we could have fixed our infrastructure twice over.

Ultimately we do have to understand that President Obama and the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton started this mess, and the rise of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, who has taken over Afghanistan because they pulled troops out too soon and left our military equipment behind. Thats exactly how ISIS started as well. So this is a mess that President Obama left for Trump. But I do think we should just be done with it. No more soldiers need to die. We need a treaty with Afghanistan saying they will not harbor or fund terrorist, If they break that treaty then we strike with action. Very simple.

We do not know all the details, and probably won’t know them until the plan is in effect already. But at first look, I’m against this. What also concerns me is that General H.R. McMaster is leading this force with a smile. I’ve been very vocal on how I feel about McMaster, he is a globalist through and through. However General James Mattis is in the by Trump’s side as well as his Secretary of Defense. And I have a lot of respect and confidence in him. So I know there’s at least one good patriot in Trump’s ear.
When more details come in, we will be reporting on it! Leave your comments on this matter below!